‘Batman V Superman’ Rumors: Could Jena Malone Be Cast As Robin?

This is not the first time Jena Malone’s name has been tied to Batman v Superman and now the rumors are a little more specific. Could the actress be considering playing Batman’s sidekick Robin in Zack Snyder’s much anticipated film?

Where did these rumors come from? In recent photos Malone was seen sporting bright red hair, which some took as another sign that the actress could actually be cast as the Dynamic Duo’s other half.

If it’s as we believe and Batman v Superman will lead right into Justice League, it would make sense to introduce Robin into the mix. Jena Malone is a good friend of Zack Snyder and earlier in the production was seen visiting the set in Detroit and hanging out with the director.

Let’s review this rumor rationally, shall we? Even though Jena is a girl (obviously), it is not completely out of the question that she could be cast as a male character. After all, Robin is just a kid with exceptional martial arts skills, combat strategies, is an expert in advanced technology, and has incredible gymnastic abilities, according to the DC Comics universe.

At the time of her Batman v Superman set visit in Detroit, the rumor was that Jena Malone could be cast as Supergirl, another DC young superhero.

Now, Jena shared her own photo on Instagram, with the cryptic caption, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

As production of Batman v Superman comes to an end in Detroit and not many stories from set have been revealed this week, we take these rumors with a big grain of salt. Jena Malone’s red hair may have nothing to do with her rumored casting as Robin, since he usually has been depicted as sporting dark hair.

What do you think of these rumors that Jena Malone could be cast in Batman v Superman?

[Image via Star Fury Conventions/Flickr]