‘Batman V Superman’ Filming Continues, Alfred’s Trailer Spotted On Set [Photos]

The filming for Zack Snyder’s epic blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues in Detroit this week. Some Twitter users that are following the production and have access to the set spotted Alfred’s trailer for the first time (that we know of).

After some spectacular night shoots apparently came to an end last week, during which we saw explosions and we spotted the Batmobile in action for the first time, filming is getting set for more action this Friday evening. From the photos that have been posted to social media, it looks like Snyder may be moving things to a historic house seen in other photos on Twitter, earlier this week.

Twitter users Tim Malin (@D3TON8R), Banana Doctor (@Bananadoc), and Tim Reinman (@treinman) have been stalking reporting from the Batman v Superman set from the beginning, and this week they were busy sharing photos of what was going on with the abandoned house in Detroit.

On Friday, Alfred’s trailer was spotted by the intrepid reporters and photos of all the activity around the house shared on the social media site. Alfred — played by Jeremy Irons — is Batman’s loyal butler and has not been spotted on set yet, so the thought is that maybe that house is a run down version of Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader mansion, which has seen better days.

The rumor is that Bruce Wayne lives in a cottage by the lake, within the mansion’s property in Batman v Superman. The Batmobile is safely stored under it. The theory that Batman is retired has more weight if indeed this is a shell of what used to be an opulent Wayne Manor and the fact that Jeremy Irons could be lurking around set, makes the possibility even more likely.

This is what our friends saw this week on the set of Batman v Superman.

As you can see, there is a lot of action at this particular house and things have been getting prepped for the last couple of days, but we really don’t know what’s going on inside, or outside for that matter. Maybe our good Twitter friends will have some interesting photos of the filming of Batman v Superman on Saturday. Stay tuned.

[Image via Solsticio & Equinocio]

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