ISIS: London Attack Thwarted, Islamic State Beheadings Were Allegedly Planned

ISIS fighters were arrested in London earlier today on suspected terrorism charges. The men, in their early twenties, were allegedly planning an Islamic State beheading attack. One of the suspected ISIS terrorists was tasered by a police officer, but was not harmed and none of the other suspects attempted to resist arrest.

The Telegraph reported that an ISIS plot for British jihadists to behead people in the streets of London was slated to occur during the next few days. Police officers arrested the alleged Islamic State militants on charges of preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism, statutes which fall under the Terrorism Act in England.

One of the men arrested is believed to have trained with militants in Syria before returning to Britain, according to the Mirror. Dozens of ISIS fighters have reportedly been stopped at the border when attempting to return to the United Kingdom after going to the Middle East to train with Islamic State militants. The suspect who was able to return home is believed to have remained under surveillance.

The London ISIS jihadists are reportedly being held by counter terror police agents since the early morning raids. Multiple locations and vehicles were reportedly searched in west and central London on Monday evening as a part of the investigation into the possible beheading attacks.

Last month British law enforcement officers arrested 11 individuals in other ISIS-related operations. It is not currently clear if the past and present arrests were connected or part of a coordinated attack. “These arrests and searches are part of an ongoing investigation into Islamist-related terrorism,” a statement from Scotland Yard said.

In August the United Kingdom’s Security Service increased the international terrorism threat level to “severe” – meaning an act, like Islamic extremism is “highly likely.” Until the change, the terrorism threat level had remained at “substantial” for more than a year, the Mirror reports. The enhanced threat warning was not related to a specific plot, according to the government agency.

British ISIS fighters currently in Syria have been threatening terror attacks via social media due to the ongoing airstrikes in Iraq. The UK Islamic State supporters claimed that such attacks would “parallel the 7/7 London bombings” and the beheading of British solider Lee Rigby.

One British jihadist said, “Tell the Brit govt. to withdraw unless they want the days of 7.7, and Adebolajo to become regular days,” via social media last Wednesday.

Do you think ISIS beheading attack will occur in Britain and the United States?

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