WWE News: The Rock Unveils Why He Returned To ‘Monday Night Raw’

Anybody that watched Monday Night Raw last night saw a pretty average show altogether. There were, however, a few bright spots that really sparked the lively Brooklyn-crowd. First, Dean Ambrose displayed his excellence on the stick. Not many can do what he with such ease. It literally looks like he’s just out there relaxing and having fun. Also, the main-event set up a match at Hell in a Cell, and the main event of Hell in a Cell, most likely

It wasn’t till the 10 p.m. hour that the WWE Universe stood up on their feet with profound excitement. The Rock made his return to the WWE in surprising fashion. On dirtsheets all afternoon, the Rock was spotted in Brooklyn. That didn’t mean he was going to show up on Raw, until he tweeted out a clue seconds before going out to the ramp.

After Monday Night Raw, the Rock was interviewed by Eden Rhodes and explained why he returned to the place that made him famous.

“We wanted to do something special for the crowd tonight. We wanted to do something special for the people and we created this moment. You know what happens, for a moment like this, the WWE Universe, we wanted to create a great moment and it requires a lot of other elements. A lot of elements come together to keep it private and to keep it quiet. Nobody knew.”

“There were a lot of people who were able to make this happen, keep it very low-low and going out there it’s so special when you go out there because I got a pretty cool job and I’m very happy to do what I do. I make movies and being on sets all the time around the world, but there’s absolutely nothing that could ever compare to that type of reaction and emotional connection with the people and I absolutely love it.

The last we heard of the Rock, was about his near “fight” with John Cena backstage. We learned that it was completely exaggerated and none of it was true, but in the same interview with Muscle and Fitness, he talked about a potential return-match in the WWE. Like any other former-superstar, he said that if the program was right and it made sense, then he would consider coming back for a feud.

This time, whom would the Rock feud with? Nobody really makes sense right now, especially with Brock Lesnar holding the title. Rock will never hold the title again, at least he shouldn’t. The only feud that would make sense is to have him feud with his cousin, Roman Reigns. WWE could make serious money with that feud, but it’s a long-shot. Would Rock put over Reigns at WrestleMania 31 or 32? That’s a good question.

After watching the pop he got last night in Brooklyn, he is well-missed by the WWE Universe. Although, a return might not happen for a while, because he signed on to do another movie. That is his career now, but the WWE will provide him the most excitement, according to his interview with Eden. Let’s face it: the WWE misses the Rock. I’m sure the crowd won’t mind he if returns.

[Image via Bleacher Report]