Bethenny Frankel Has Business Imposter? UK Woman Claims To Be Behind Skinny Girl Cocktails?

Bethenny Frankel woke up to some interesting stories this morning. The cast of the UK Apprentice was announced earlier today, and one of the women named Roisin Hogan claimed that she was an accountant and had founded the Skinny Girl Cocktails brand. She is 32 years old and is from Dublin. Given Bethenny’s work with the cocktail brand, people were quick to reach out to her on Twitter.

Bethenny Frankel was shocked that someone would claim to be behind the famous Skinny Girl Cocktails brand when she shared her journey of building the company and selling it on Bethenny Ever After. She was in the news when the sale was made as it earned her millions.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel believed that this girl had actually lied to get on the show. Plus, this misprint led to people thinking that Frankel herself was not the person behind the brand.

Even though Bethenny Frankel claimed that lying wasn’t a good look, it was revealed by one of her followers that Hogan had been misquoted in the paper. It seems like a big mistake, given that Frankel could sue over such a typo. If there is indeed an apology, it is possible that Frankel would just let it slide.

In the official press materials from the folks behind the Apprentice, Roisin Hogan’s bio says “She lists businesswoman Bethenny Frankel as one of her business inspirations, as she [Frankel] saw a gap in the market to start Skinny Girl Cocktails and sold it for a huge profit.”

That makes more sense.

Bethenny Frankel has been in the news lately over her supposed return to The Real Housewives of New York. Frankel was one of the original housewives on the show and ratings took a huge hit when she decided to leave the show after the third season. She went on the film Bethenny Getting Married? And Bethenny Ever After for Bravo. She then wrapped up with her talk show, simply titled Bethenny, this past spring.

It is questionable whether she will return to the show, according to The Inquisitr. Bravo has supposedly offered her $1 million to return to the franchise, something she has said that she would be crazy to do. However, she may reconsider now that she has a supposed business impostor claiming she founded the Skinny Girl brand.

But Bethenny admits that she has been visiting Andy Cohen at the Bravo offices because they are working on some deals together.

“I’m going in and out of Bravo, I’m talking to Andy Cohen about two different projects, because he’s got a production company now….I haven’t signed or decided to do anything. But it’s not what everyone thinks it is,” Frankel has revealed.

How do you think Bethenny Frankel handled the impostor drama this morning?

[Image via Twisted-News]