Adam Levine, Maroon 5 Unfairly Criticized For ‘SNL’ Performance?

Maroon 5 and its frontman Adam Levine have received a lot of criticism over the years.

Whether it’s dying his hair blond, or simply steering a once rock-centric Maroon 5 further and further into pop infested waters, critics across the internet have been chomping at the bit for the next opportunity to bash Levine and his band.

Enter this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

As reported by the Inquistr, Maroon 5’s performance on SNL was lambasted across the ‘net. Perez Hilton, for example, pondered whether or not the band was “sure this wasn’t rehearsal” by the way they performed onstage. He noted that while “the band played their new songs “Animals” and “Maps,” and they were good…there’s a decent chance you’ll forget the performances right after watching them.”

Meanwhile, the Twitter haters came out in full force during Maroon 5’s performance on SNL as well.

But is it really fair to criticize Maroon 5 as a band simply because of Adam Levine? Blogger Hilary Hayes from The Village Voice doesn’t think so. In fact, she blames the bias against Adam Levine as the exact reason critics trashed Maroon 5’s SNL performance:

“Like Coldplay and The National before them, Maroon 5 were up against a massive, faceless audience of armchair critics and dedicated foes who would love nothing more than to point and laugh at Levine and Co. should those high notes ingest even more helium or the sound malfunction. At the end of the day, the music isn’t the problem here: the problem with Maroon 5, if any, is celebrity, and the fact that it’s so much easier to despise a band that makes music you only kind of sort of hate when they’re doing (debatably) cheesy things like coaching pop hopefuls on The Voice and starring in chick flicks alongside Kiera Knightley.”

What do you think? Is Maroon 5 unfairly criticized because of Adam Levine?