‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap: Sheldon Gets OCD About Owning A Comic Book Store [Video]

For Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, life revolves around certain obsessions, from what he eats on which nights to where he sits on the couch. He has a carefully scheduled calendar of activities, with visits to an old familiar comic store ranking as comforting highlights. But with the comic store slashed from his routine, Sheldon decides that there’s only one solution, as Entertainment Weekly points out. It’s time for the guys of The Big Bang Theory to own their own comic book store.

The distinctions between the new comic book store that Sheldon reluctantly visits with his buddies and the old one are particularly troubling. He views with distaste the fancy brick and shudders at the loud music. For Sheldon, as shown in the video below, consistency is key for his comfort level.

But how can impoverished Stuart re-open his store? Practical Leonard suggests that they all ante up to provide the cash. And Sheldon of course has a detailed plan that becomes increasingly obsessive as he rattles on with new details.

  • Spread rumors about genital warts.
  • Buy a a big bag for all the cash that they will most surely earn from their investment.
  • Get a van with candy in it and drive around luring children to come to the store from schools, parks, puppet shows and toy stores.

While Sheldon happily daydreams about everything he wants in the perfect comic book store, Leonard consults Penny about the investment. She’s not as excited as he had hoped because those credit cards that she’s been using to buy essentials such as shoes and wine turn out to have bills attached to them.

But if you’re looking for someone to denounce the concept completely, you can rely on Bernadette. As the Inquisitr reported, while Sheldon Cooper is like the Mr. Spock of situation comedies, Bernadette is the shrill-voiced shrew who inevitably makes Howard feel like a fool.

Bernadette needs a verbal kick in the designer pants before joining Howard to visit Stuart and make the offer. Howard’s invisible but very loud mother, it turns out, has already fronted the cash, much to Howard’s dismay.

Ever since viewers of The Big Bang Theory watched as Raj and Penny ended up in bed, they’ve been waiting for the fall-out from that big bang to occur. Their wait finally ended as Raj trotted in with his new girlfriend Emily, a dermatologist who obviously did not care for Penny, as Fox News noted.

And although she agreed when Penny asked to visit Emily’s office to test her skills in pharmaceutical sales. Penny’s disclosure of what really happened on that infamous night made everything worse.

Although Emily initially seemed willing to reconsider her negative feelings, Penny babbled about how she and Raj got naked and kissed. Emily then made it clear that any attempts on Penny’s part to pop the rumors were as pointless on analyzing a freckle. The dermatologist seemed more excited, in fact, about Sheldon’s offer to visit her and have his freckles on his derriere examined.

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