‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap: Did Sheldon Ruin Penny’s Romance? [Video]

When it comes to situation comedies, The Big Bang Theory repeatedly ranks number one for its combination of witty writing, brilliant acting and charismatic characters. Just as with Friends, viewers feel that they know the personalities so well that they are inviting them into their own homes. But with the uber-intellectual Sheldon Cooper, as occurred on the last episode of The Big Bang Theory, you sometimes get what seems like multiple personalities, noted Fox News on Sept. 30.

Leonard and Penny have experienced romantic highs (much to Sheldon’s disgust) and lows (envious pals Howard and Raj cheered). Supposedly they are engaged, but when they decide to join Sheldon and Amy for a date, you know that life might get, well, weird.

The buddies on The Big Bang Theory love games and competitions. And while you might think that a double date would be a reason to press the pause button for gaming, Sheldon has his own view of what relationships involve. The situation comedy version of Mr. Spock on Star Trek, Sheldon decides to challenge Leonard and Penny with a proclamation that he and Amy are more compatible. See if you can guess who wins in the video clip below.


Usually gentle and agreeable, Leonard becomes upset with the concept. But just as with the one-dimensional strings in string theory, Sheldon uses a one-dimensional approach to analyzing the relative success of a good relationship. And not surprisingly, he has a way to quantify it, because he believes that everything can be quantified as befits The Big Bang Theory, as Entertainment Weekly pointed out on Sept. 30.

Leonard wants to test the relationship, but Penny declines. He accepts her fear and tries to woo her with words.

“Marriage is scary. You’re scared, I’m scared. But it doesn’t make me not want to do it. It just makes me want to hold your hand and do it with you.”

Penny sighs as Amy sums up the evening by noting that the double date should be counted as two dates. The reason? Leonard and Penny are “a lotta work.”

As always, The Big Bang Theory has a second story in the background. In this episode, it involves Howard. He’s excited that NASA has invited him to throw the first pitch at the Angels’ Space Day. But it’s not so exciting when he can’t even score on Leonard and Sheldon’s Wii.

You can trust Bernadette to denounce Howard for his lack of skills, which of course exacerbates his anxiety level. Howard does a Rube Goldberg version of a Mars Rover prototype to toss the first pitch. But it falls into the category of “sounds cool, fails big.” Watch the video below to see the reaction.


As the Inquisitr reported, The Big Bang Theory received a boost with back-to-back episodes. Will double episodes be like a double date with Sheldon and Amy, or more like a “lotta work” akin to Penny and Leonard?

[Photo By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]