Michael Savage: Conservative Radio Host Warns Of Civil War And Beats Rush Limbaugh In Ratings

Michael Savage, a conservative radio host, author and political commentator, released his 25th book last week in which he warns of an impending second civil war in the United States.

Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth, is published by Center Street/Hachette, and in the volume, Michael Savage pulls no punches according to The Washington Times.

"I fear the worst. Right now Americans are angrier and more divided than I've seen them since the 1960s. What fires this rage is that we've become a post-Constitutional society."
Savage, who is no stranger to firing on the Obama Administration and the leftist culture, seems more fervent than usual in his latest tome, warning of passivity in advance of the coming civil war. In the book, Michael asks the public to confront "the leftist administration's successful and devious attempts to divide our country." In a nutshell, Michael Savage is saying that the coming war will be between those that "treasure the nation's founding principles" versus "those who undermine such principles in the name of change."
"Right now the prognosis is not good. We have an incompetent zealot taking the nation down the road of weakness and centralized governmental control of every aspect of our daily lives. Just as individuals snap when the pressure becomes too great, so, too, does a nation."
Michael Savage not only offers his own brand of extreme solutions in the book, he also poses several questions from his viewpoint.
"Why have so many of our top military commanders been summarily pushed aside, after years of brave service? How is President Obama's irresponsible foreign policy not just weakening us in Russia, China, and the Middle East, but actually endangering our security at home as well? What does it mean for our freedom and our way of life that negligent immigration law enforcement allows illegal aliens to cross the southern border into our country with little fear of penalty?"
Though, probably considered more than a bit extreme by the average American, Michael Savage's brand of venom and vehemence seems to be working from a ratings standpoint. According to The Radio and Television Business Report, Michael Savage's online radio show crushed the competition on Talk Stream Live, the online performance tracking service. Savage pulled in an "unprecedented" 25.2 rating, dwarfing the next biggest radio host on the list, Rush Limbaugh, the only other host on the list to get double digits, with 11.8.

About Savage's rise in the online ratings, Talk Stream Live made a statement.

"He [Michael Savage] has significantly increased his lead over all other talk contenders. Talk Stream Live tracks streaming listenership online and on mobile devices for over 2,000 talk shows and used a sample size of 1.3 million listening sessions for this report."
What do you think? Is Michael Savage correct about an imminent civil war... or is he just trying (successfully) to grab ratings?

image via KERNRadio