Did Liam Payne And Michael Clifford Just Become Adorable Twitter Boyfriends?

Apparently Liam Payne is the only one who can cheer up 5 Seconds of Summer singer Michael Clifford whenever he’s feeling down and out.

Clifford recently went on a bizarre Twitter rant about his bad mood. According to Unreality TV, he apologized to the crowd that attended 5 Seconds of Summer’s Tampa concert. Michael revealed that he was being “a bit of a d*ck,” and he tweeted that he wished he could be as happy as his fans. He then started looking for comfort from Liam Payne by sending the One Direction singer a series of sweet tweets.

Liam responded to Michael’s “best boyfriend” tweet, but he didn’t have anything to say in response to Clifford’s cuddling request.

Perhaps Payne is saving all his snuggles for his girlfriend, Sophia Smith. The exhausted singer recently tweeted about how happy he is whenever he hears from his ladylove.

According to Unreality TV, Liam also recently showed his love for Sophia by responding to a Twitter troll who was spouting off mean things about the poor girl. Payne begged his cruel follower to stop tweeting about his girlfriend.

“Can you stop what you’re saying please because I happen to care about that person… More than anyone in the world… And I don’t think you’d appreciate me sayings stuff about someone who meant that much to you.”

Maybe Liam Payne should try being just as nice to Michael Clifford. At the very least, he could be a better bro to the boy with the rainbow hair by responding to his cuddle requests — after all, 5 Seconds of Summer is making One Direction a ton of money.

According to Billboard, together Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan own a 50 percent share of the company 5SOS LLP. So far, each member has made about $25,000 off of 5 Second of Summer’s success. Now you know why 5SOS is an opening act for One Direction even though their style of music is completely different.

In other Liam Payne news that’s not related to his relationship with Sophia Smith or Michael Clifford, the One Direction singer recently gave a certain scary movie a little free publicity. According to MTV News UK, the singer revealed that he was deluged with photos of the creepy doll from the movie Annabelle after tweeting about the horror flick.

Liam eventually tried to confront his fear head-on by retweeting a weird manipulated photo that showed him all snuggled up with Annabelle.

If Liam Payne ever feels lonely when Michael Clifford and Sophia Smith aren’t around, at least he has a third cuddle partner to call.

[Image credits: Liam Payne, Michael Clifford via Instagram]