Jim Harbaugh Reportedly Done With The 49ers — Even If They Win The Super Bowl

Jim Harbaugh is reportedly done with the San Francisco 49ers, according to Sporting News.

According to the report, even if the San Francisco 49ers are able to successfully end the current season with a Super Bowl win, Jim Harbaugh will still walk away from his position as head coach over the team.

During Sunday’s pre-game show, NFL insider Jay Glazer had a lot to say about this particular topic during the FOX NFL broadcast — especially when it came to Jim Harbaugh.

“I don’t see any way Jim Harbaugh comes back next year as the head coach of the 49ers even if they hoist the Lombardi.”

As mentioned in the video footage, the fact that Jim Harbaugh would be leaving the San Francisco 49ers after the current season is exactly what Jay Glazer has been saying since Week 1 of the current season. When asked about what has changed since his initial predictions during Week 1, Glazer mentioned that not very much had changed at all.

“The only thing that changed is that players were openly talking about it and now, because it happened after a victory, they just want to keep it under wraps.”

There have been quite a few rumors and speculation circulating over the past few weeks claiming that many of the 49ers have basically tuned Jim Harbaugh out completely — especially with the rocky start to their season.

Based on the reactions and responses that have flooded Twitter over the past few weeks, it seems as if fans and critics outside of the locker room aren’t too happy with Jim Harbaugh’s coaching or play-calling either.

At the other side of the spectrum, there are quite a few fans and critics who simply do not believe Jim Harbaugh would even consider leaving the San Francisco 49ers behind — regardless of how the 2014-15 season ends. One of the main reasons why they feel this way is because of the overall track record that Jim Harbaugh has been able to create for himself during his time in San Francisco so far.

What do you think? Will Jim Harbaugh decide to leave at the end of the season, perhaps to coach the Raiders? On the other hand, will San Francisco keep Jim Harbaugh on board if their season takes a sharp turn towards rock bottom this season? Only time will tell.

[Image Credit: SF Gate & Bleacher Report]