Prince Charles And Camilla To Visit Colombia And Mexico

At the end of the month, Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, will make a state visit to strengthen England’s ties to Latin countries. Beginning with a five-day visit to Colombia, Prince Charles and the Duchess will be welcomed to the presidential palace in Bogota, the Colombian capital, on October 28.

While in Colombia, Prince Charles and the Duchess will attend a number of state ceremonies, including the Colombian Peace and Reconciliation ceremony, which is designed to honor those who have lost their lives in armed conflict. Prince Charles also plans to visit southern Colombia’s Macarena National Park during their visit there. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will end their five-day long visit to the nation of Colombia in a sunset ceremony in Cartagena aboard the HMS Argyll, before heading to Mexico for a four city tour.

Prince Charles will not be the only one on state business during the trip; his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is expected to make a number of high-profile appearances with various charities and government officials in Colombia, who are trying to fight the increasing rates of sexual assaults in their nation. Prince Charles, meanwhile, will be speaking on sustainable marine practices and other issues.

While in Colombia, Prince Charles is also expected to speak about the Colombia drug cartels that have been plaguing much of the western world — including the U.S. — in hopes of establishing international cooperation between the U.K. and Colombia to combat the problem. Prince Charles is also expected to touch upon many other issues that he has actively engaged on before, including the environment, trade, commerce, and the unemployment rate among the younger generations.

The trip for Prince Charles comes just after Prince Harry’s successful state visit to Brazil. This will be the first official state visit to Colombia for Prince Charles, who once saw the nation while serving in the Royal Navy aboard the naval vessel the HMS Minerva. Prince Charles is, however, no stranger to Mexico, having visited the North American nation a number of times over the years, the last being in 2002. While in Mexico, Prince Charles is expected to visit the ruins of Edzna Maya, an ancient archeological site that is currently undergoing attempts to restore the ruins.

As-of-yet unsubstantiated rumors are in the air of a possibility that Prince Charles could be named Prince Regent. However, the Queen seems to have made it quite clear to most news sources that as long as she is fit and alive, this will never happen. Of course, if Prince Charles were to in fact divorce the Duchess of Cornwall, it could once again put him in line for the Queen’s favor for the throne, something that many have said the Queen would never allow when Prince Charles married Camilla.

Rumors aside, the trip for Prince Charles and Camilla should be an important one for strengthening England’s international relations.