Beyoncé Got Called 'Dumbo' At School Because Her Ears Looked 'Bigger Than Her Head'

Beyoncé Knowles has had a much harder life than you might think. Despite the fact she is a self-made multi-millionaire now, Bey had it really tough growing up, especially at school.

A recent report in the the Express reveals some insights as to the type of life Beyoncé has had, especially before she met the love of her life, Jay-Z.

At school, for example, due the fact she had big ears as a kid, she was called "Dumbo" and was the subject of constant jokes saying her ears were "bigger than her head." She was also reportedly kinda chubby and that didn't help her to become more popular.

Worryingly, things were so bad that she recalls wearing her hair in a bun for the first six months of middle school for fear of it being chopped off by bullies in her class if she didn't.

When she was 13, a difficult age for most, her parents divorced because, according to her mother Tina, her dad, Mathew, was too "obsessed" with Beyoncé's career to focus properly on his marriage.

The divorce clearly affected Bey, who had just entered her teens, and she joined a church in Houston for support. She also allegedly suffered from bouts of depression over the years, starting when she was young.

When her band Destiny's Child split up, it apparently hit Beyoncé hard and at the time she struggled to eat and was often found locked away alone in a room.

The publication also makes some surprising revelations about Bey's virginity, alleging that she lost it late in life to her husband, Jay-Z.

Her first boyfriend, Lyndall Locke, who she met at the church, was a apparently a terrible first kiss, according to her, but she still stayed with him for a full seven years. Lyndall admitted after he split with Bey that he had cheated on her as he didn't feel worthy of her.

In another revelation, due to her dislike for everything connected to Rihanna because of her alleged affair with Jay, Beyoncé reportedly banned any of Ri-Ri's songs from being played at a clothing launch she did for her House of Deréon range in Toronto.