Man In Plastic Bubble Rescued In Bermuda Triangle

Dustin Wicksell

The Coast Guard rescued a man in an inflatable bubble Saturday morning, 70 nautical miles to the East of St. Augustine in the Bermuda Triangle.

Reza Baluchi, a U.S. Citizen, was first discovered by the Coast Guard on Wednesday, according to the Daily Mail. Encased in a specially designed hydro bubble, he was attempting to travel from Florida to Bermuda in an effort to raise money for charity. His bubble was stocked with water and protein bars as well as a GPS receiver and a satellite phone.

"A typical day will be, Reza will be sleeping from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., will wake up to start running until his body becomes too hot, he will then jump into the sea to cool himself off with a leash strapped to his leg connected to the bubble," his website noted. "He will sleep on a hammock that will be inside the bubble."

According to NBC News, the Coast Guard contacted Baluchi on Thursday, warning him that currents were likely to push him far to the north of Bermuda. Baluchi, a marathon runner who has twice crossed the United States on foot, declined to suspend his effort, saying that he had been training for two years.

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Concerned about Baluchi's exhausted state, Coast Guard officials asked him to end his mission, though he refused. Disoriented, he requested directions to Bermuda. The Coast Guard continued to monitor Baluchi until Saturday morning, when he activated his personal locating beacon, summoning help. An HC-130 airplane and a MH-60 helicopter, along with the vessel Maersk Montana, were dispatched to his aid.

Baluchi's mission was to run the full boarder of the Bermuda Triangle, a journey of 3,500 miles that would have taken him from Florida to Bermuda, before heading south to Puerto Rico and then back to Southern Florida. In 2007, he ran the perimeter of the United States, an effort that took him six months.

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Located between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, the Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Atlantic Ocean with a reputation for mysterious disappearances, as The Inquisitr previously noted. Most famously, a squadron of five Navy Avenger airplanes went missing in the area in 1945, and have never been found.

It remains to be seen if Reza Baluchi will repeat his attempt to circle the Bermuda Triangle in his hydro bubble.

[Image: U.S. Coast Guard, via USA Today]