John Lennon's Tooth Hitting The Auction Block, Tooth Fairy Would Be Jealous

James Johnson

Are you looking for that special present for the person in your life who has everything? How about picking up one of the old chompers from the mouth of John Lennon.

Omega Auctions in Stockport, England will place a tooth that once resided in the famous Beatles members mouth on the auction block in November and it's expected to bring in upwards of $15,000.

For anyone concerned about the origins of the Lennon tooth this wasn't a case of theft, the tooth was given to housekeeper Dot Jarlett in the late 1960s and her family just happened to hold onto it.

When talking about her odd gift Jarlett said:

“He was in the kitchen and he had this tooth which he had wrapped in a piece of paper,” while she adds, “He said: 'Dot will you dispose of this' and then he said: 'Or, as your daughter's a Beatles fan, you can give to her as a souvenir.’ It is something that we felt was very personal and my mum actually gave it to my sister, who has kept it safe.”

In the meantime does anyone else find it strange that John Lennon suggested that his own tooth should be given to a Beatles fan?