‘Batman V Superman’: Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder Spotted On Set

Some new Batman v Superman set photos of Henry Cavill — dressed in his Clark Kent garb — and director Zack Snyder have surfaced online. We haven’t seen Clark in a while, as the production seems to have been focused on Batman in recent weeks.

After big scenes in which we got the first clear look of the Batmobile and perhaps Wayne Manor, with big explosions and nighttime shoots, things are more quiet but no less busy. Last week we saw scenes of a protest, in which Superman is burned in effigy and some fake hedges were revealed, indicating Snyder wanted stalkers out.

Snyder seems to be working extra hard at keeping the Batman v Superman set as secretive as possible while filming in the Detroit Metro area. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not, we have been able to follow a string of scenes thanks to those who have access to the set in Michigan.

Batman v Superman Henry Cavill on set

As the production days in the Motor City dwindle down, there seems to be a lot more to work on and we had not seen Henry Cavill in a few days. Though we did see his body double the other day, wearing the same suit Henry was seen wearing on Saturday at the same location, so we presume they are getting set to film some kind of action scene (otherwise, why have a body double?).

Clark Kent is seen wearing his signature glasses, plaid shirt, brown jacket, and khakis, as he carries his messenger bag around town. This could mean that he is in Gotham City (Detroit) in some kind of investigative capacity.

Henry Cavill returns to Batman v Superman to reprise his role as Superman from Man of Steel, though little else is known about what will take place with the character this time around. In the final scene of Man of Steel, Clark is seen joining Lois Lane at Metropolis’ Daily Planet in his role as reporter.

Zack Snyder on Batman v Superman set

Rumor has it that in Batman v Superman, the Man of Steel is confronted by Batman (Ben Affleck) for the chaos and destruction he brought upon Metropolis in that final battle with General Zod. Batman is very unhappy, according to these rumors, and Superman comes to explain himself.

Snyder has stated that the Batman v Superman title doesn’t indicate a straight antagonistic relationship between the two superheroes. He decided to alter the title a bit and changed the “vs” to a sole “v” to indicate the true nature of their interactions, which we know nothing official about.

We will bring you more photos from the Batman v Superman set as they become available. To view the entire photo set featured in this article go here.

[Image via Flash CW Fans/Twitter]