‘Batman V Superman’: How Does This Wayne Manor Compare To Other Film Versions?

If the old historic Detroit home we have seen on the Batman v Superman set is actually Wayne Manor, then Zack Snyder’s sequel will certainly see a diminished Batman. We will take a look at how other buildings that have been used as such in previous Batman movies compare.

Last week and on Friday, crews were seen getting ready for shooting Batman v Superman night scenes at a dilapidated home in Detroit, called Ransom Gillis House, according to an earlier report in the Inquisitr. Several photos of the area where the mansion is located suggested that this could possibly be the iconic home of Batman (Ben Affleck).

Batman v Superman Zack Snyder on set at Wayne Manor
Image via @Bananadoc/Twitter.

Another reason many believe this could be Wayne Mansion for Batman v Superman is that Alfred’s trailer was spotted on set this past Friday as well (see complete report here). As you know, Alfred — who will be portrayed by Jeremy Irons — is Wayne’s loyal butler. So if Alfred is at the mansion in question, it would be safe to assume that Batman is somewhere nearby.

According to the DC Comics, Wayne Manor is a huge mansion located on the outskirts of Gotham City, under the care of the Wayne family longtime butler, Alfred Pennyworth. In earlier versions, the home was bought by Bruce Wayne, but later on the storyline changed to depict the home as belonging to generations of Wayne’s ancestors. The manor has enough room to house the Batcave, where the Batmobile is kept hidden.

Let’s take a look at other film versions of Wayne Manor to see how they compare to this particular mansion in Batman v Superman. Keep in mind that this is just hear say, and nothing official has been revealed yet.

Wayne Manor in Tim Burton films

Wayne Manor Tim Burton films
Image via Heron2/Wikipedia.

In Batman (1989), a Gothic Tudor mansion 28 miles north of London called Knebworth House was used for the exterior scenes. However, the interior shots were filmed in Hatfield House, located in Hertfordshire, England. A scale model of Knebworth House was also used for Batman Returns (1992).

Wayne Manor in Joel Schumacher’s films

Wayne Manor Batman Forever
Image via Wikipedia.

The Stevenson Taylor Hall, Webb Institute, Glen Cove was used as Wayne Manor in both Batman Forever (195) and Batman and Robin (1997). The mansion is located in Glen Cove, New York.

Wayne Manor in Christopher Nolan’s films

Wayne Manor Batman Begins
Image via Giggy/Wikipedia

In Batman Begins (2005), the former Rothschild estate, Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire, was used for both exterior and interior scenes. However, in the film, Wayne Mansion is destroyed by fire and is not seen until the last chapter of the trilogy.

Wayne Mansion The Dark Knight Rises
Image via mattbuck/Wikipedia

For The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Nolan used Wollaton Hall in Nottingham — which Mentmore Towers was modeled after — as the remodeled Wayne Manor.

As you can see, if Ransom Gillis House in Detroit is indeed Wayne Manor for Batman v Superman it simply pales in comparison to the size of some of the true mansions used in past Batman films. However, with new technology such as CGI, the mansion, which has seen better days, can be brought up to scale to look like something that we’ve seen before.

[Image used with permission by Banana Doctor/Twitter]

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