‘Batman V Superman’: Gotham Police Spotted At Wayne Manor?

A derelict mansion in Detroit, Michigan may be the site of Batman V Superman‘s Wayne manor if the actions of a film crew and a Gotham Police force on site are any indication.

According to Batman News, Ransom Gillis House, an abandoned mansion in Detroit, is currently the site of filming for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Cast trailers were spotted on set, and the mansion seems to fit the rumored story of the movie, which involves Bruce Wayne living in a lakeside cottage that is on the property. Although Ransom Gillis House is a bit small to be Wayne Manor, observers have noted that CGI technology could also be used to add to its screen presence.

As io9 notes, amateur photographers have been filming the set, and were able to capture footage of a GCPD car at the mansion, sirens blaring.

As The Inquisitr has previously noted, observers also spotted a cast trailer on site that appeared to be marked for Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred, leading fans to first speculate that Ransom Gillis House could be the potential site of filming for Wayne Manor.

Other videos and images posted to social media also revealed a Gotham police car screeching to a stop in front of the house, with actors dressed as Gotham police on scene. Screenrant speculated that this may mean the house will be the scene of a standoff that will draw one of the heroes into action.

Ransom Gillis House was constructed between 1876 and 1878, the home of a dry goods merchant. Owned by the city of Detroit, it has fallen into ruin. If it is indeed the site of Wayne Manor in Batman V Superman, that would seem to indicate that the Wayne household is portrayed as an abandoned relic, lending credence to the theory that Bruce Wayne has chosen to dwell elsewhere during the events of this film.

Fans will no doubt get far more footage from Ransom Gillis House before filming is through, whether or not it serves as the setting for Wayne manor.

[Image via Batman News]

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