The Banker Who Funded The 9/11Terrorist Attacks Is Now Funding ISIS

An al-Qaeda banker that was once jailed for financing money for 9/11 is now raising money of Islamic terrorists.

Khalifa Muhammad Turki al-Subaiy is a Qatari citizen/banker who was jailed in 2008 for 6 months for providing financial support for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He is now financing Islamic terrorists fighting in Syria and Iraq.

This is not the first time ISIS has been in the news recently. According to an earlier report from the Inquisitr News, ISIS sympathizers attacked students at Istanbul University on September 16. This resulted in a couple students going to the hospital and a statement from the students of Istanbul University about the attacks.

The chair of Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, has warned that Qatar "must choose their friends or live with the consequences" while Professor Anthony Glees, director of the University of Buckingham's Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies, said, "The time has come to draw the line under funding by the Gulf States coming into the U.K. It is well known that to find the terrorists you have to follow the money and at the moment it seems to be coming from Qatar."

al-Subaiy is a banker heavily involved in the terror network. al-Subaiy is described as "a Qatar-based terrorist financier and facilitator who has provided financial support to, and acted on behalf of, al-Qaeda senior leadership, including senior al-Qaeda leader Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) prior to KSM's capture in March 2003." The US authorities also claim al-Subaiy provided "financial support to al-Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan's tribal region, and has also worked with senior al-Qaeda facilitators to move extremist recruits to al-Qaeda training camps in Pakistan. In addition, al-Subaiy has served as a diplomatic and communications conduit between al-Qaeda and third parties in the Middle East."

Because of the actions of the banker, Qatar's terrorist fundraising has reached extraordinary lengths. According to current U.S. officials, Qatar has displaced its much bigger neighbor Saudi Arabia as the number one source of private donations to terrorist groups.

Qatar, however, denies the allegation that the banker is funding terrorist groups. "We don't fund extremists," the Emir of Qatar told CNN last week. "If you talk about certain movements, especially in Syria and Iraq, we all consider them terrorist movements."

[Image via Telegraph]