Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Hints At Company Manufactured Smartphones

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Tuesday hinted that his company may eventually begin building their own smartphones rather than relying on third-party company’s to accept their mobile operating systems.

Currently WP7 Smartphones are all produced by third party vendors who have been more likely to install Google Android on their phones in place of the lesser reviewed WP 7 OS.

At the Web 2.0 Summit Ballmer skirted around the question from an attendee by noting:

“Microsoft will do what it takes to enable hardware innovation.”

Ballmer then gave a nice PR spin by reminding attendees that Nokia is getting ready to launch a new line of Windows Phones next week at Nokia World in London.

Microsoft’s CEO then attempted to claim his company’s mobile OS superiority over Android and iOS by claiming that you don’t need to be a “computer scientist” to use his company’s devices, while adding, “but I think you do to use Android.”

Honestly Google Android is very simple to use, you literally click on icons and follow directions for apps, then again i’m not surprised that Steve Ballmer thinks using a computer program is difficult.

I personally don’t understand how Microsoft building their own phones will make a difference, it’s the OS that manufacturers have shied away from and top notch producers including Samsung, HTC and Motorola have proven what they want and it’s the Google Android OS.

Do you think Windows Phone 7 devices can truly compete with iOS and Android based Smartphones if Microsoft builds their own smartphones?