New York City Bus Makes Women Ride In The Back

If you’re a female and you happen to hop on the B110 bus in Brooklyn you’ll likely feel as if you just stepped into a middle east controlled region of the world, that’s because that particular city bus requires that women ride in the back and men ride upfront.

While the B110 bus is open to the public under an agreement with the city the actual vehicle is operated by a private company that services two Hasidic neighborhoods. Under Hasidic rules physical contact in public between the sexes is not allowed and therefore they are separated whenever possible.

New York World tested the bus by asking a female passenger to ride on its route and almost immediately she was ordered to the back of the bus by male passengers.

The Department of Transportation upon hearing about the blatant discrimination said “This is a private company, but it is a public service,” while adding “The company has to comply with all applicable laws.”

The city is in the process of discussing the buses rules with the vehicles private contractor and the practice is expected to come to an end soon.


Do you think it was right for a religious group to operate under the disguise of a public entity while blatantly discriminating against a large portion of their potential passengers.