Larry Evans: 800-Pound Man Shares Fitness Journey On Facebook, Becomes Viral Sensation

Larry Evans once weighed 800 pounds and had little hope for his life. He wanted to lose weight but had lost his job, so he didn't have the money for healthy food or a personal trainer.

But Evans didn't let it get him down, and now his quest to transform his body has turned Larry into a viral sensation.

Down more than 150 pounds since deciding to change his life, Larry Evans has gained a huge following, as he posts updates and workout videos to his Facebook page. A recent post showing him doing bench presses at a gym has more than 22 million views.

"My work out day 140 part 2!" Larry wrote. "Please don't judge me. If you don't have nothing to say nice keep it to yourself. Get up get out and do something."

Evans also started a GoFundMe site to help him afford things like healthier food and a gym membership. On the site, Larry explained that he had been through some difficult times including depression, but now was motivated to change his life and his body.

"My weight loss journey is my #1 goal in life right now. I know that your health is your wealth and until I get my weight down I can't work. I really need your help. I appreciate anything that you can do for me. I believe God is using me as a vessel. People keep asking me how did I get so heavy. My story I can't even tell you. I have been through a spirit of depression. God is moving in my life but I need your help. Whatever you can do to help me will go a very long way."

Larry Evans also posted some updates, sharing that he was a bit frustrated that the weight wasn't coming off more quickly.

"I went to the doctor today and I was 641lbs on today. I was a bit disappointed but all my friends, the doctors and nurses told me do not be because I don't need to lose the weight extremely fast because it will come back. I lost 18 more lbs since my last doctors visit. I know I need to be praising God right now. I love you all and thank you so much for the support. Please continue to support and spread the word."

But Evans has now turned into quite the motivator himself. His Facebook posts are filled with encouraging messages, with many people saying he is an inspiration to them.

"Judge you, NO WAY!! I admire you!! What an inspiration for the rest of us!! Thank You!!" wrote one.

Those who want to follow Larry Evans on his weight loss journey can check out updates on his Facebook page and GoFundMe site.

[Image via Facebook]