See What Happens When Adorable Baby Elephant Falls at Zoo [Video]

An amateur video of a baby elephant tumbling over at a zoo in Zurich will melt the heart of even for the most fair-weather elephant lover. The video, taken at the Zurich Zoo's Krachan Elephant Park, shows little baby elephant Omysha as she tries to take a step up a rocky embankment. Omysha is the youngest elephant at the zoo.

When the little elephant tries to step up, she can't quite get her little legs up high enough and tumbles down onto her back. After Omysha calls for help, adult elephants then run to her rescue, using their trunks to get her upright and on her way.

After the incident, Omysha didn't just get left on her own to recover from the embarrassing ordeal. The adult elephants gently escorted her to level ground where they doted on her and soothed her. The video of the little elephant falling down has gotten almost 2.4 million views on YouTube.