Prince Harry Engaged? Cressida Bonas To Become New Kate Middleton

Prince Harry is allegedly back together with Cressida Bonas, and he is even contemplating making up for lost time by proposing to her.

Cressida is believed to have split up with Harry a few months ago after she became overwhelmed with all of the pressures of being associated with a royal. Basically, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, she wanted to become an actress and she hated being constantly in the spotlight. An oxymoron if ever I’ve heard one.

At the time of their split, the duo were thought to be stronger than ever, and there was even speculation that Harry was set to propose to her. However, the ending of their relationship immediately ended these discussions, and Harry then looked to get over Cressida by dating Camilla Thurlow for several weeks.

The duo couldn’t stop thinking of the other though, and it has even been alleged that they continued to meet-up through the summer. This stopped each of them from moving on, and they eventually decided to actually just get back together. The first inkling that they had decided to reconcile came at the Invictus Games’ closing ceremony earlier in September. Cressida was spotted at the event, which had been heavily organized by Harry, and their rekindled romance has since blossomed hugely.

However, the pair of them are still very much aware of why they originally broke-up, and they are still trying to keep it under wraps for the time being. Sources close to Harry have even confirmed that he has been “keeping his cards close to his chest,” while Cressida even tried to get people off of the scent by attending a big fashion party on the night of Harry’s 30th birthday party. Unfortunately, she then ruined this plan by sneaking off from her soiree and immediately arriving at Harry’s shindig. This allegedly caused a bit of commotion at the event, as some of the people weren’t even aware that the two had got back together.

But as they are now definitely a couple again, rumors have suggested that they are planning on making up for lost time, and that Harry is even considering popping the question to her. As they dated for two years before they split in April, it would certainly make sense if they made up for lost time by getting hitched. It’s just a question of whether Bonas is ready to enter the limelight this time around though.

Do you think Prince Harry should propose to Cressida Bonas?

[Image via The Sun]