This Couple Knew Their Time Would Be Short With Their Unborn Child, What They Did Is Remarkable [Video]

There is no doubt that in his short life, Thomas knew he was loved. Deidra and T.K. Laux found out at 20 weeks into pregnancy that their unborn baby had a rare DNA abnormality called Trisomy 13. Sadly, the prognosis is a grim one. Children with Trisomy 13 usually only live hours or days after birth, if they survive birth at all.

However, the Laux family decided against terminating the pregnancy. Instead, they wanted to meet their unborn child and be with him as long as possible. heartbreaking Youtube video uploaded by the The Dallas Morning News follows the journey of the couple as they live out their time with their son both in and outside of the womb. The video shows both the sadness and joy that the Laux family feels as they share just five days with their son, who they named Thomas. The couple called the video "Choosing Thomas" because they made the choice to allow Thomas to live as long as he possibly could in their loving arms before he passed away.

The couple can be seen sharing moments together as they feel Deidra's belly as Thomas kicks inside. However, images of the pregnant Deidra sorting through pint-sized coffins for the perfect one resonates heavily. From making funeral arrangements to ensuring they have the proper items to ensure their son is as comfortable as possible, the couple share some of their most intimate moments with Thomas. The Laux family wanted to share their journey from diagnosis all the way to their son's death in hopes that their experience would help others understand and cope with infant loss.

Though Thomas only lived for five days, during that time he was showered with constant love and affection from his parents. There is no doubt that Thomas felt that love before passing away in the middle of the night as he was snuggled closely between both his mother and father.

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