Bride Moves Wedding To Hospital Room For One Final Dance With Dying Father [Video]

A video that is both heartbreaking and inspiring was posted to Facebook and YouTube that features a father and daughter’s final dance together. Lisa Wilson and her fiancé Robert Pantoja moved their wedding forward and changed the venue so that Lisa’s father could share one last dance with her on her wedding day.

David Wilson, the father of the bride, was in the hospital at UCI Medical Centre in California. David was suffering from a rare form of cancer and was unable to leave his hospital bed. However, Lisa knew she wanted her father to be present for her marriage. So instead of following through with the special “dream wedding” she had planned, she decided to move the wedding date forward and have the wedding in her father’s hospital room.

Lisa admitted it wasn’t “a bride’s dream,” but it did allow her to have that father-daughter dance she had always dreamed of having. In the video, Lisa can be seen blinking back tears as she helps him spin her around the room. The video was uploaded to David’s Facebook page just two weeks before he passed away with the caption, “The best gift a daughter could give.”

Wilson, sadly, lost his battle with cancer and passed away on Tuesday, September 2 while surrounded by loved ones.

The video vividly depicts the bond shared between this daughter and father. The viral video of the heartbreaking last dance has been shared over 300,000 times on Facebook and over 240,000 times on YouTube.

This isn’t the first time a special event has been moved to ensure a father got to experience a special moment with his child. An Alabama high school fulfilled a father’s dying wish to see his son’s graduation by holding the ceremony early.

What do you think of this bride giving up her dream wedding to ensure she had that special final dance with her father?

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