Alabama High School Fulfilled Father’s Dying Wish To See Son’s Graduation Early

There are times in life that a parent has where they get to see a wish of their own come true. While we all have our own goals and aspirations, once people become parents, they always make it a goal of theirs to see their child succeed, and it’s not about their successes anymore. One step in doing that, and going into adulthood, is getting to their high school graduation. One father was worried he would not get to see his son graduate, so an Alabama High School allowed him to see his son’s graduation early.

Mortimer Jordan High School, located in Kimberly, Alabama, has been around for nearly 100 years. However, they may be nearing this mark by doing their greatest act. Father Greg Woods wanted to see his son Kyle graduate from high school, like many parents wanted this Spring. The School planned to have a normal graduation like always, but Principal Barbara Snider and staff were informed that Mr. Woods was in a bad way with his health, and may not live long enough to see his son graduate at the scheduled date next week.

Greg Woods told

“They told me years ago that I probably wouldn’t ever get to see my kids graduate because of the COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and how far it had progressed. So far this year I’ve been in the hospital more than I’ve been out. They’ve been trying to get me to this point just to see my son graduate.”

The 52-year-old father has also suffered from heart disease among other medical issues for the last number of years, and he is now on hospice. In order for him to see his son Kyle graduate, the school granted the wish of a dying father to have an early graduation for him and his family, so that Mr. Woods could see it.

18-year-old Kyle was obviously happy his father was able to make it to the ceremony, saying:

“Looking over and seeing him smile, that meant about everything in the world to me. I feel like it wouldn’t have been special if he wasn’t here. It just means a lot because my dad just wanted to see that I would make it, that I would be okay in life.”

Every parent wants to see their child graduate from school, but the child also wants their parent to be there to see them walk to get their diploma after so many years of hard work that they put in.

Kyle is no different than any other Senior graduating this Spring. However, the support for both himself and his family was seemingly abundant. Principal Snider said that she invited the senior class officers and Assistant Principal Aaron Jones to participate in the ceremony. A few choir members were also present to sing the School’s Alma Mater.

Although the ceremony was really just meant for friends and family of Kyle, word got out and several students showed up fully dressed in their cap and gown to show their support on Wednesday morning, when the early graduation took place, showing that once word travels among a caring community, people act.

I’m sure Kyle and his father will remember the kind act of not just the school, but the graduating Mortimer Jordan class of 2014 that showed up to lend their support.

Kimberly, Alabama, was hit hard by a tornado weeks ago during a storm that devastated part of the state of Alabama yet again. So, it is nice for the community to have a positive story about it from it’s local high school.

As a proud graduate of this very school in 2008, I can tell you that the school officials do their best to support their students. Like most students, we do not appreciate the work the staff did for us until we leave school. However, Kyle and his father, as well as his entire family, will remember everything that the school staff did for them on Wednesday for years to come.

Greg Woods said regarding his son and why he was still around to see this happy day:

“God sets out a plan for you. Sometimes you make the right moves, sometimes you don’t. About 11 years ago I had a close bout with death. And he brought me back. I feel like that was part of the reason–to raise these boys and see my son graduate. Seeing my son graduate, I feel a little more at ease.”

Kyle is planning to spend as much time as possible with his father before he joins the Air Force. A great plan to have, if you ask me. The school did a tremendous job making this happen. Congratulations to Kyle on his graduation, and we wish the best for he and his family going forward.

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