ISIS Puts Price Tag On Girls Who Won’t Convert To Islam, Sells Them As Sex Slaves

ISIS has kidnapped or captured thousands of people during its march across Iraq and Syria this year, and the militant group reportedly has a particularly brutal way of dealing with young women who refuse to convert to Islam.

The group, also know as Islamic State and Daesh, has reportedly been putting a price tag on these people, selling them as sex slaves and giving some to fighters as rewards. The brutality was laid out in a new United Nations report based on more than 450 interviews with witnesses.

The report found that ISIS has kidnapped close to 2,500 Iraqi civilians, mostly women and children.

Many witnesses said that ISIS has been bringing women to an office in Mosul, where they are evaluated and priced for sale to buyers. The young women are also used as a recruitment tool, sold to young men in exchange for their enlisting to fight with ISIS.

Women appear to be one of the most important recruiting tools for ISIS. The militant group, known for its online and social media propaganda efforts, has even started a dating service for radical Muslim fundamentalists. The Twitter account, known as “Jihadi Matchmaker,” has enticed young women to leave their families and travel to Iraq and Syria to marry fighters. One of those young women is Yusra Hussien, a 15-year-old who left her family in England.

The Yazidi people, a religious minority group in northern Iraq, has been one of the biggest targets for kidnapping. Witnesses say ISIS abducted 500 women from a Yazidi village, selling 150 of them as sex slaves.

Even women already married were given to fighters and told that their previous marriages are not recognized under Islamic law.

It is not just women and girls being targeted by ISIS. Many adolescent and teenage boys have been forcibly recruited to fight, while others have been forced to donate blood to treat injured fighters, according to boys who were able to escape the militant group.

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