WWE: Vince McMahon Should Give Superstars Vacation Time, Says ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin thinks that Vince McMahon and the rest of the WWE management should give WWE Superstars vacation time at least several times per year and he even discusses whether or not it’s possible a WWE union may form.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Austin thinks that Daniel Bryan’s injury is bad enough that his long term WWE career is in jeopardy. Austin also believes that Roman Reigns may not be the “top guy” that Vince is envisioning for a fight against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, although maybe that’s because they’re secretly planning “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Vs. Roman Reigns at WM 31.

Unless your name happens to be Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker, most WWE superstars are on a non-stop schedule that constantly has them working the ring week after week. Even if a wrestler receives “time off” due to being injured they’ll still be working in other ways, whether it be Daniel Bryan showing up with his wife on Total Divas or other attractions.

The WWE superstars are of course well-compensated by the WWE for working non-stop, but in the past some have suggested that the WWE should have mandatory “offseasons” where three months of vacation time is staggered throughout the year. The main focus would be to prevent wrestlers from being burned out and to allow more time for injuries to heal. The staggered schedule would also ensure the ring is never empty of critical WWE superstars, and might even prove popular with the WWE fans since it would mean we would not be constantly seeing the same set of match cards on a routine basis.

When The Big Lead asked “Stone Cold” Steve Austin about the idea that Vince McMahon should give wrestlers vacation time he seem to approve of the idea.

“That’s an interesting thought process. You’ve got to conserve some of the fuel that’s in the tank of someone in that business. It is an around-the-year type job. But, it could be incorporated into storylines — maybe once every four months you could get a month off and then go back — that certainly might string up the longevity and give the guys a much-needed break. While they’re on these breaks, they could eat the great BBQ sandwiches at Wendy’s.”

Well, someone is certainly hungry. Austin was also asked about the potential for the WWE to form a union which would ensure that wrestlers always receive fair benefits.

“The word ‘union’ came up many times in my career, but the deal is that top guys get taken such good care of and middle guys are okay. Guys at the bottom, you know, are the guys at the bottom. So, you’re never gonna get true unity because the guys on top are making too much money to side with everyone else and forego their well-being. The thought of a union is intriguing. But, will it ever happen? I think not.”

Do you think Vince McMahon should give wrestlers vacation time as suggested by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin?