Mayor Killed By Wife: Lyvette Crespo Was A Victim Of Domestic Violence By Daniel Crespo?

The mayor killed by his wife already has family members either defending his name or claiming that he had regularly committed acts of domestic violence. While both sides agree that Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo was shot and killed by Lyvette Crespo, the lawyers for the Mrs. Crespo say she was a “battered wife” while the brothers of Mr. Crespo are claiming she’s playing the role of the battered wife merely to stay out of jail.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the mayor was killed by his wife in what the authorities have listed as a domestic dispute. Crespo’s 19-year-old son attempted to intervene in the altercation and his injuries were severe enough that he required medical treatment. When the fight between the mayor and his son turned physical, Lyvette Crespo went for a handgun that was in the house and began to fire at her husband, hitting him in the upper region of his body. Emergency responders attempted to take the mayor to the hospital but he died en route.

Lyvette Crespo and Daniel Crespo, Jr. were both questioned by police for several hours after the incident but they were both released with no charges filed. The District Attorney is reviewing the case and it’s still possible that criminal charges may be filed depending on the circumstances.

Attorney Eber Bayona claims there is more to the story than just the mayor being killed by his wife, alleging that she had suffered from domestic violence for years before this latest incident.

“For 26 years, she has been a devoted wife and a devoted mother to her family. Looks, at times, may be deceiving,” Bayona said. “I think the evidence will corroborate that she has been a victim of domestic violence for many years. My client, from the initial 911 call throughout the entire length of this investigation, will cooperate fully with law enforcement.”

There are 20 siblings in the family of Daniel Crespo and one brother, Robert, claims he was not aware of any instances of domestic violence although he admits he hasn’t been in much contact with his brother’s family due to living in Florida.

“From my understanding everything was good,” Robert said. “The family is a big family. He was a busy man. He always did things right, a stand-up man. A great man. He was amazing.”

According to Fox News, William Crespo claims the allegations of domestic violence are a lie and instead blames the fight on Lyvette Crespo.

“He was tired. He was working all night. He wanted to sleep and she wouldn’t let him sleep,” William said, adding that Daniel told him why they had been arguing before he died. “She’s over here fighting that I spend too much money.” Crespo’s brother also had a question for Levette, “Why did she kill my brother? Why did she do it?”

According to ABC, Claudia Osuna represents the children of the family and she says that even though the mayor was killed by his wife, the children are standing behind their mother.

“Things were not as they seemed,” she said. “It was a very difficult life (at) home that they had.”