New Secret Service Scandal: Agent Leaked Obama Schedule While Hitting On Female Romney Staffer

A new Secret Service scandal emerged Thursday, the same day that Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned after repeated incidents of security breaches that could have placed the life of the president in danger.

Revelations that a mentally troubled military veteran, Omar Gonzalez, had scaled the White House fence and entered the White House, nearly making his way almost to the Oval Office before being stopped by an alert off-duty Secret Service agent, which led to a congressional hearing with Pierson being called on the carpet and quickly stepping down.

The Gonzalez scandal was just the most frightening in a series of security breaches and reports of reckless behavior by Secret Service agents assigned to protect the president.

The new scandal appears to be another example of a lax and undisciplined aproach by a Secret Service agent that could have put the president in danger. According to the news site Inside Sources, the incident happened during October of 2012, the home stretch of that year’s presidential campaign pitting President Barack Obama against Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

The report alleges that a Secret Service agent — who was married — became enamored with a female Romney staffer and, in an effort to impress her, slipped her details of the president’s schedule days in advance.

The details of any president’s movements are supposed to be closely guarded to minimize potential security risks.

“According to Inside Sources, the Secret Service agent was drinking at a bar in October 2012, when he[,] ‘unprompted and in an apparent attempt to impress one of the staffers, began providing details of President Obama’s schedule.'”

The Secret Service agent reportedly provided the unidentified object of his affections with “times and locations” of presidential events, information that normally would be tightly protected until the last minute.

The agent also gave the woman “joy rides” in a Secret Service car complete with flashing lights, the story alleges.

Another news site, Talking Points Memo, contacted former Romney campaign staff members to verify the Inside Sources report, but none said they were aware of the leaked schedule or any of the incidents described in the story.

Inside Sources is run by a former Romney communications director, Shawn McCoy, who told Talking Points Memo that he first heard of the new Secret Service scandal through his contacts who also formerly worked for Romney. But though he researched the story for a week, McCoy said he never learned the name of the Secret Service agent allegedly involved in the leak.