Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Missing Plane Could Be Found In ‘Days,’ If It’s In The Ocean

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could be found in just days — if it is actually in the Indian Ocean. Researchers have a good idea on where the Boeing 777 went down back in March and, with new vessels and equipment expected to arrive in the remote area by Sunday evening, experts say that the plane could be located shortly after. According to Mail Online, the Go Phoenix will be the first vessel to carry out this new underwater search. Chief commissioner of the ATSB Martin Dolan believes that this new technology won’t miss anything in its wake.

“When they get going, they will deploy an underwater sonar in on the end of very long cable, eight kilometers, they will tow that sonar in on a toefish, which contains sonar equipment, close to ocean floor, 100 meters. They send out sonar signals, get them back, a width of about 1.5 kms, that will go up the cable to vessel and crews to look and analyze for anything for interest. It will be recorded and transferred in batches, re-analyzed so nothing to be missed.”

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been missing for months without a trace. Many believe that the whole plane is submerged in the ocean, perhaps in a deep trench of sorts. However, without even the smallest piece of evidence, it’s hard to say where the aircraft actually is. If it is not found over the next 12 days (which is how long the vessels will be searching in the area before needing to head back to restock/refuel), it could take years. Of course, if the aircraft is not found within the next 12 days, more and more people are going to be changing their opinions about where they think the plane actually is.

Conspiracy theories aside, many people believe that flight 370 actually landed onland. According to The Telegraph, there have been thoughts that the plane was hijacked and flown to a foreign country like Afghanistan. There is also the possibility that the plane landed on some remote island — Diego Garcia, for example, has been mentioned quite a bit over the past seven months.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 hasn’t made anyone aware of its final resting place. According to The Inquisitr, the general public and the families of the 239 passengers and crew on board the aircraft may never know the actual truth. There hasn’t even been a floating piece of anything thus far, which is really quite concerning.

[Photo courtesy of Aero Icarus from Zürich, Switzerland via Wikimedia Commons]