‘The Bachelor 2015’ Chris Soules Spoilers: How Far Along Is Filming Of Season 19?

ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 with Chris Soules won’t premiere until January but filming is happening now and fans are anxious to follow along. Will Chris find love this season? Fans are hopeful and people are anxious for The Bachelor spoilers about how filming is going so far.

The first night of filming took place last week with the typical limo exits, cocktail party and lengthy rose ceremony. Show creator Mike Fleiss teased that Soules had a great “crop” of girls to choose from this season but fans haven’t gotten specific The Bachelor spoilers about that first night yet. However, gossip guru Reality Steve does have a few more specifics about filming so far to share.

According to Steve’s latest The Bachelor spoilers, Soules and the bachelorettes have finished the second rose ceremony and the third episode dates are taking place now. As is the norm for this show, Chris and the ladies are still in the Los Angeles area. Sometimes the lead gets to travel a bit outside L.A. for a specific date but the core group is still in California for at least another few days.

Steve hasn’t doled out anything more specific than that yet, however. Though oftentimes dates in the States are spoiled via bystanders throwing scoop up on social media, this season seems to be a bit more quiet so far. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be goodies hitting Twitter and the like soon though.

As the Santa Fe New Mexican notes, and Steve has detailed, one of the episodes of The Bachelor 2015 will be filmed in Santa Fe. It’s not clear quite yet when Chris and the ladies will head to Santa Fe though a stop like that would probably be Episode 4 or so in a typical season. Though the site notes the Santa Fe episode will air in February, it seems that may not sync up with a traditional filming schedule. For now, fans will have to wait for more specific The Bachelor spoilers on where Soules and the ladies will head and when.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have dished out details on a handful of the Season 19 bachelorettes, but there will be many more to come. There’s said to be a nurse, a model, a few teachers, a cheerleader and a single mom. So far the blondes outnumber the brunettes, but Steve has only released the identities of 10 of Chris’ 25 bachelorettes for the season with more to come.

Stay tuned for more The Bachelor 2015 spoilers as filming continues and Reality Steve releases the scoop. Chris Soules’ spin at handing out roses in Season 19 is expected to premiere on Monday, January 5, 2015.