Nonpoint Cancels Show In Mishawaka, Indiana, Outraged Fans Demand Explanation [Update]

Nonpoint, a rock/metal band form Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been rocking since early 1997. Their music has enticed a mass of followers that flock to their shows to rock out. Unfortunately, the band might have lost some followers after cancelling a show in Mishawaka, Indiana and subsequently alienating fans that expressed their anger by banning them from the Nonpoint Facebook page.

In a statement made by Nonpoint on their Facebook page, they apologized for cancelling the show and blamed the local club for an ill prepared stage and equipment.

“To everyone that was going to come out to tonight’s show in Mishawaka, IN we truly apologize, but unfortunately we have to cancel the show. We are not happy about canceling the show but it is something we have to do. We promise to make it up to you all. Thank you for your understanding.”

Outraged fans protested the cancellation, only to be banned from posting and/or completely blocked form the page altogether. Many fans rallied around Smith’s Downtown Tap and Grill to defend the club and show their support for the venue. Smith’s Facebook page posted in response to the cancellation.

“I’m sorry to announce that Nonpoints Mgmt has canceled the show for tonight at Smith’s Along with that they called all of the supporting acts and informed them that if they played the show the would be kicked off the tour.”

The club went on to share that they would honor the tickets at future shows or reimburse them in the form of food and drinks for the night.

STRAIGHT LINE STITCH & DEDVOLT wsg: Dead Horse Trauma, Cage 9, Poisoned by Ares, Laced With Blood @ Smith's Downtown - Mishawaka, IN - ALL AGES!!! STRAIGHT LINE STITCH & DEDVOLT wsg: Dead Horse Trauma, Cage 9, Poisoned by Ares, Laced With Blood @ Smith’s Downtown – Mishawaka, IN – ALL AGES!!!

Adam Lagenbrunner, Bassist of Sworn Off Silence, was able to get on stage and rock the house as a group of local bands came in to put on a mind blowing show. He shared his sentiments on the Nonpoint Facebook page.

“I played at the show last night, the local acts did their job and gave the crowd an awesome time. But as a musician it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when a band cancels because the stage isn’t big enough. We’ve all played a whole gambit of venues bad and good. I’m just disappointed that nonpoint seems to have forgotten the rea[s]on they started playing.”

Nonpoint is not the first band to cancel a show, even stars such as Pink have had to cancel for one reason or another. Nonpoint’s manager, Don Byzinski, released a statement late yesterday afternoon, on their Facebook page, explaining the situation in more detail.

“As a Tour Manager it’s my job of making sure Nonpoint and crew is safe by ensuring the clubs have provided all necessary resources to do a successful show. With yesterdays events that led to MY call to cancel the show and not the bands”

Looking at both sides of the issue, was Nonpoint expecting too much from the venue? Was the venue ill prepared? Maybe there was simple lack of communication?

[Photo Courtesy: We Are Bound By Blood]