400 Hits? This ‘Shadows Of Mordor’ Combo Is Absolutely Bananas, And You Can Do It Too!

The combat system in the new Lord of the Rings-based game Shadows of Mordor is an absolute dream: a brutal, chain-based system that turns you into an orc-killing machine. Did you know, though, that it could be possible for you to pull off a combo that carries you across the entirety of Shadows of Mordor’s massive game world?

Simply put, it’s one of the more impressive gaming feats we’ve seen in a while, as YouTuber Rabbit’s Respawn revealed in a recent video a combo that reached to 413 hits. Four hundred thirteen hits. Are you serious? Apparently he’s serious, and you can check it out in action in the video. There’s some NSFW language, but it’s Shadows of Mordor gameplay, so you probably shouldn’t be watching it anyway if you’re the sensitive type.

As Rabbit points out, you’re not going to be able to pull off this kind of killuminati action without taking advantage of Shadows of Mordor’s upgrade system. In particular, you’ll need the Tower of Defense sword rune, which you get by killing Mordor’s Azdush the Crafty. That rune boosts your hit streak reset time by 10 seconds, allowing you more time to run around Mordor finding enemies before your combo dies.

Next up, you’ll need the Elven Swiftness ability, which speeds up your pace when jumping over ledges and rocks. It also adds a point to your hit streak, which kind of seems like cheating, but eh, Mordor isn’t exactly a place for angels, eh?

As to how exactly you should make your way around Mordor to get your hit streak into the hundreds – well, Rabbit isn’t exactly sticking to the shadows as he makes his way through. It looks like you’ll be far lighter on the shadows and stealth and much heavier on the run-in-and-kill-everything style.

shadows of mordor ridiculous hit streak

Which really sort of begs the question: Just how much fun would this sort of Shadows of Mordor play through be? It looks like the sort of technical feat that makes for fun and impressive YouTube videos, but not necessarily the sort of play Shadows of Mordor was made for. In fact, Rabbit even says that he topped out at 413 hits because he got a bit tired after 15 minutes of dedicated killtacular action.

Rabbit even points out that the super kill streak action is near impossible if you don’t steer clear of Mordor’s boss characters. That just about eliminates the possibility that you’ll get to enjoy one of Shadows of Mordor’s more innovative aspects: the Nemesis system, where enemies that kill you are able to level up and remember you when you come back for more.

Still, it’s definitely impressive to see Rabbit hurtling through Mordor, killing everything in his path in a seemingly endless combo. It’s pretty certain that some gamer out there will pick up a copy of Shadows of Mordor and put Rabbit’s record to shame, so get ready for the inevitable half-hour long video with hundreds of orc deaths and a hit streak that stretches into the thousands.