Ryan Serhant Talks Relationship: Does Emilia Add Stress To The ‘MDLNY’ Star?

Ryan Serhant has been on Million Dollar Listing: New York since the franchise started three seasons ago and he is busy filming the fourth season. The show has become a massive success, partly because the three stars of the show are so fun to watch. All three agents share the good, the bad and the private. And Serhant has been working on including more of his private life on the show.

On the third season, Ryan Serhant revealed that he had been dating a girl named Emilia. Fans saw him struggle, as he couldn’t balance his demanding job with being there for his girlfriend. Even during a simple cooking class, he had to leave to take phone calls. But it sounds like the relationship has really helped him.

According to a new report, Ryan Serhant is now revealing what he really likes about his relationship with Emilia. Of course, during the third season, Serhant said that she could be a part of his life as long as she was there on his terms. But Ryan is now learning that a successful relationship comes down to compromise.

“At first, I never really understood why she got so angry about these things, but then I placed myself in her shoes and it all made sense,” Ryan Serhant has revealed, adding, “We live together, and even if Emilia rejects a dinner date with me, it’s clear from the moment I open our apartment door that all we want to do is enjoy the time we have together.”

It is no secret that Ryan Serhant has a stressful career, where he makes plenty of money every year. So he doesn’t want Emilia stressing him out even more. Luckily, she doesn’t do that for Serhant.

“At the end of the day, relationships should be your serenity and not add more stress to an overwhelming workday. I’ve discovered that most of our arguments are about insignificant things. I think a good relationship requires work, excellent communication, compromise, and mutual respect,” Ryan Serhant adds.

Ryan proposed to Emilia last month and, since he is currently filming Million Dollar Listing: New York, it is possible that the proposal will be a part of the new season, which will air next year. According to The Inquisitr, Serhant had Times Square shut down for the proposal, which took place early in the morning on a weekday.

But Ryan’s proposal isn’t the only thing changing this year. Nest Seekers may be getting a new office. Douglas Elliman broker Robert Dvorin is selling the $16-million townhouse, which is the home of Serhant’s office. No word on where the new office will be.

Are you surprised that Ryan Serhant is making his relationship work?

[Image via Bravo]