Alyssa Milano Quits ‘Mistresses’: Season 3 Ordered By ABC, But Actress Says She’s Leaving

Alyssa Milano is quitting the hit ABC’s Mistresses right as the network has renewed the show for Season 3. Why would one of the key stars walk away so early in the run of the show? She’s revealing the truth of what drove her to make the big decision, and now fans will be curious to see what the show does going forward.

According to the actress’ website, Alyssa Milano is quitting Mistresses because they are moving production of the show from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada. Milano says that they are moving the show for financial reasons, but she has decided she can’t relocate to remain a part of the cast.

As Alyssa points out, she has two children under the age of 4, and she says that being a mother and a wife comes first. She adds that she just cannot uproot her kids and separate her family by heading to Vancouver to continue with the show. Milano says that she will miss the gig desperately, and wishes everybody remaining with Mistresses the best.

At this point it is unclear whether the show will write her character, Savi, out of the show or try to find a way to recast her. TV Line has confirmed that the post on Milano’s website is legitimate, and that the actress is planning on leaving Mistresses ahead of Season 3.

Some wonder if this is a move to try to negotiate something with the show that would allow her to stay a part of the cast but not be away from her family for an extended period of time. It is hard for many fans to imagine Mistresses without Alyssa Milano and the character of Savi, especially given the way Season 2 ended. That said, this isn’t the first show that has faced having to make a major adjustment to the cast early in its run.

Some of the show’s fans are quick to point out that a somewhat similar scenario already happened with one of Milano’s past shows. Alyssa starred alongside Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs in Charmed, but Doherty left after the third season. In came Rose McGowan as half-sister Paige, and the show continued for several more seasons.

Season 3 of Mistresses is expected to air during the summer of 2015. Will Alyssa Milano’s departure leave a big hole in the soapy summer drama? Fans will have to stay tuned to see what the show does going forward.

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