‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Sadie Robertson Accused Of Being A Brat On ‘DWTS’

Sadie Robertson has been accused of having a pretty bad attitude when the cameras aren’t rolling on Dancing With The Stars. The 16-year-old Duck Dynasty star reportedly does a lot of eye-rolling and is said to just walk away from the other contestants with a sort of “I’m better than you” attitude. While most people can’t even imagine Sadie acting this way, sources say that she’s a major brat behind-the-scenes.

According to OK! Magazine, a source said that Sadie often displays bratty behavior, and does so right in front of others on the show.

“After interviews, she turns her back and rolls her eyes. She often walks away from the other contestants as though she’s better than them,” said the source.

Sadie Robertson does not seem like she’d be a brat on any level — her family just wouldn’t put up with that, would they? Could you even imagine what Sadie’s grandfather, Phil Robertson, would do if his granddaughter talked back to him? The lecture that would come next would be epic. At the same time, Sadie is 16, and that age can be tricky for girls. Perhaps there was just one instance where Sadie got bent out of shape and it’s now being blown out of proportion… who knows?

Celebrity Dirty Laundry seems to think that being a reality television star may have gotten to Sadie’s head. All of this fame and attention doesn’t always translate in a positive way, especially on a teen going through all kinds of changes in life (hormonally and beyond).

According to The Inquisitr, Sadie Robertson’s rumored behind-the-scenes behavior is very surprising.

“Surprising behavior from a girl who has been brought up with very traditional, Christian values. And although there are a lot of words one could use to describe the Robertson clan, ‘diva’ certainly isn’t the first one to come to mind.”

And if any of this is true, one cannot help but feel bad for Sadie’s dance pro partner, Mark Ballas, who has to put up with her on a daily basis… mood swings and attitude problems or not.

So far, Sadie has done quite well for herself in the competition. She is young, which may give her an advantage, but she is working her butt off and seems to be improving every week. With so many Duck Dynasty fans supporting her, she could make it to the finals… what are your thoughts?

[Photo courtesy of ABC/Adam Taylor]

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