Want To Own An Actual King-Size Castle? One Just Opened Up In Spain

Being a prince or princess has been a dream of many, but as we grew up, such flights of fancy usually faded away. However, your chance of living in an actual king-size castle might just come true and surprisingly; you won’t have to spend a whole awful lot too.

An old castle in Spain’s scenic Basque Country is officially up for auction. The 25,833 sq. ft. castle has five floors, four towers, a mezzanine, a water well, fireplace hall, wine cellar, library and chapel. If that’s not exciting enough, the castle also boasts of a dungeon!

The castle’s grounds span an impressive 35,000 square meters. The property comprises a courtyard and a grand room for banquets and receptions as well. As for the history associated with the castle, well, it has a long and tumultuous one. Butrón castle, constructed in the mid-13th century, was at the center of a power struggle between noble families for more than 300 years, according to Irene Valbuena from BNP Paribas Real Estate, which is handling the sale.

“There are other castles for sale around the world, but this one is quite unique. With this auction, we’re trying to give the sale a more international character. We’re reaching out to hotel groups and to individuals who want to treat themselves.”

Despite the medieval charm, the castle boasts of thermal insulation, which should protect the occupants from the cold, as well as electric heating throughout, reported The Local. The only possible deal breaker to this castle is the number of bathrooms. Despite the humongous size and the number of floors and towers, the castle has just two bathrooms!

The Castle Sits Amidst A Sprawling 35,000 Square Meters, But Has Just 2 Bathrooms

Bidding in the month-long internet auction is open to anyone willing to fork out at least €3.5 million or about $4.5 million. The highest bidder will walk away with the keys to the five-storied, 2,400 square meter property in Gatika, a quaint village 11 miles from Bilbao.

Why is the castle listed at such a small amount? Castles usually sell for millions of dollars, but this castle has been designated as a national monument. Which means, in case you want to renovate it or make some changes, say add a few more bathrooms, the revised plans must first be approved by the regional government.

For more than 700 years, Butrón castle has housed Spanish nobility including lords and a marquis, reported The Guardian. Now the exclusive Basque Country property will become home to the highest online bidder. Surprisingly, the castle is being billed as the only romantic-style castle on sale in Spain.

[Image Credit | BNP Paribas Real Estate]