Vegas Weed Grower Posts Video Updates Of His Crop, Gets Promptly Arrested

Though purchase of marijuana has been legalized or at least decriminalized in a few American states, growing weed in your backyard is still quite illegal. Perhaps this dumb pot grower wasn’t aware of the regulations and decided to offer updates about his crop via a public portal. Needless to say, authorities didn’t have to work hard in tracking him and his contraband produce.

Las Vegas police raided a house that was growing marijuana in pots this week, after receiving help from an unlikely source. The grower was posting weekly updates on YouTube, bragging about his operation and showing off his crop.

Jason Pelletier was posting the videos on YouTube under the name ‘Buddynuggets78.’After getting tipped-off by the videos, Pelletier, 33, and his wife, Stephanie, 35, were arrested on Friday by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, reported KLAS. Police say they were able to use the names and videos as a starting point to track down the home Pelletier and his wife had rented. Speaking about one of the easiest busts, Lt. Laz Chavez said,

“We were able to research it and utilized some [basic] electronic equipment that we have, as well as just old school surveillance and help from the community to identify the residents.”

The police, who are undoubtedly having a chuckle at Pelletier’s expense, said,

“[The act was] not very smart. In [our] opinion, the most arrogant of all of them that we have seen. “

The police successfully recovered and removed over two hundred plants from the home. But what they still can’t believe is the audacity or rather the stupidity, the would-be pot dealer managed to exhibit. The videos which are an audio-visual testament, will not only serve as proof in the court for a quick verdict, but will forever remain a verification of the couple’s stupidity. Apparently, Jason Pelletier is being referred to as “hardened criminal” by the law enforcement officers and they claim he has a long history with guns and drugs.

However, the videos certainly do not indicate the smartness that is usually gained by being involved in such activities. In the videos, Pelletier, like a true connoisseur of marijuana, walks around the grow room, carefully explaining his water and power usage. He is seen walking around his crop and identifying the different strains. He categorically notes when they would be available for harvesting and then for sale.

Despite the crystal clear evidence available on a social platform, charges have yet to be filed against Pelletier and his wife.

[Image Credit | KLAS]