WWE: Roman Reigns May Not Be The ‘Top Guy’ For Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania 31, Says Steve Austin

The WWE Universe was shocked when Roman Reigns’ surgery dropped him off the roster suddenly, seemingly ending the big push by Vince McMahon and Triple H before it could really get started. Assuming the injury does heal in time, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin thinks Reigns still deserves a push, although it’ll be up to the Samoan Superman whether or not he can stand tall enough to rip off Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship belt at WrestleMania 31.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Triple H took his kayfabe interviews a little bit too far by suggesting both Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns’ injuries were caused by bucking The Authority. Unfortunately, Austin also thinks that Daniel Bryan’s injury is bad enough that his long term WWE career is in jeopardy.

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are going to determine the future of the WWE for years to come based upon the current story lines WWE creative is picking out. When Austin was asked to pick the apparent lead between the former members of The Shield, he seemed to think Reigns was the best option for a push but held some reservations on whether or not he could be ready for taking on Brock Lesnar.

“If you put everybody in a line up and said, ‘Hey, pick out the star,’ you’re gonna pick out Roman Reigns. That’s just by physical appearance. With the other guys, I think they bring a little bit higher, more established, and mature work rate because they’re a little less green in the business. That’s where Roman Reigns needs to catch up. He needs to add to some more offensive arsenal and workmanship into his performance inside the squared circle once the bell rings — learning how to work a body part, and tell a story in a match. The other guys are a little bit further advanced from in on that.”

Before the hernia set him back, Roman Reigns was practically anointed as the future WWE Champion of WrestleMania 31. Austin thinks Vince McMahon and Triple can push him all they want, but it may not work.

“If Reigns can proceed and become more of a veteran — and his on-the-job training is gonna take another year or two — then, again, you look at his appearance. If his work in the ring has improved, he’s that guy. That being said, there are no guarantees in this business. Just because someone looks great does not mean he will be a top guy. They can try to anoint him as a top guy, but if he cannot do what he’s supposed to do when the bell rings, and put people’s asses in the seats, he’s not the top guy.”

After seeing the matches of WWE Night Of Champions 2014, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin already has a backup plan for WrestleMania 31, although it’s not any former member of The Shield.

“In regard to the superstar, who has the best chance of rising to the [WrestleMania 31] occasion, I think this is the time, due to what I saw last night [at Night of Champions] out of Cesaro — give Cesaro a bona fide push. I’ve been impressed with that guy’s work for a long time. Sometimes he still overcompensates facially and tries to, you know, his facials could be better. His work is very good.”

Assuming Roman Reigns’ injury heals in time for a WrestleMania 31 push, do you think the WWE should go with the original plan or should Vince McMahona and Triple H pick someone else to take out Brock Lesnar?

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