Woman Arrested And Jailed For Over A Month For … SpaghettiOs?

The concept of having SpaghettiOs and being arrested in the same sentence seems foreign, but, unfortunately, it should not surprise anyone. It has nothing to do with the SpaghettiOs scare of 2010 that The Inquisitr reported, which left 15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs tainted.

As of late, excessive police force seems to be on the rise as tensions in Ferguson cool and other stories seem to keep popping up. The Inquisitr reported on one such case last week, when a pregnant woman was “slammed to the pavement”.

That story is eerily similar to the Eric Garner case. The incident where a man, while being subdued by police, was put in a choke hold and choked to death. Neither the pregnant woman nor Mr. Garner had a chance to be formally arrested. In this most recent case of a seemingly overzealous police officer, a routine traffic stop turned into a drug arrest… or was it?

The Gainesville Times reported on this police arrest over SpaghettiOs.

“Drug charges have been dropped against a Commerce woman after crime lab analysis confirmed her claim that a spoon she had in a vehicle leading to her arrest did not contain methamphetamine residue but spaghetti sauce. Ashley Gabrielle Huff, 23, initially was charged with possession of methamphetamine.”

Ashley Huff was arrested on July 2nd for alleged methamphetamine possession. According to Syracuse.com, the police report suggests that Huff consented to the search, while the police had her stopped. The police officer found a bag with the name “ashley” written on it. He wrote that the contents held a spoon with a “clear, crystal-like substance” on it. Also, she was described as “nervous”.

The police officer who arrested Huff wrote that he found it strange that she ate SpaghettiOs with a spoon in the car, Syracuse.com reports.

“I found it strange that she would eat SpaghettiOs with a metal spoon while riding in a vehicle, and then put the spoon back in a bag.”

The report when on to suggest that the police officer found a “glass smoking device” in the bag that tested positive for methamphetamine. According to the woman under arrest, Ashley Huff, said she had been eating the SpaghettiOs in the car, and when she finished, she placed the spoon in a bag and into her purse. The spoon and SpaghettiOs were from her friends, one of the three other people in the car.

“We had been riding around, and I threw the can in the trash because I was eating them straight out of the can. I just threw the spoon in my purse because I had borrowed it from a friend — the can of the SpaghettiOs and the spoon.”

Huff was placed in jail for two days and ordered to seek drug counseling, while the police ran tests on the spoon. When she was unable to make all her appointments, she was arrested again and the police put her back in jail from August 2 to September 8, while her public defender arranged a plea deal.

According to her lawyer, at one point, she was considering taking a felony charge for the alleged drug arrest. Huff has since lost her job and missed her child’s birthday. There was no word on whether she is considering legal recourse against the arresting officer or department.

What are your thoughts? Was this an honest mistake or one small glimpse of a larger, systemic problem with the federal government’s “War On Drugs”?

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[ Image Via Foodette Reviews And Wikimedia Commons ]