Pizza Hut’s ‘By The Slice’ Selling Is Expanding

Pizza Hut surely is coming up with different ways to make money.

Columbus Business First is reporting that Pizza Hut will begin rolling out selling pizza by the slice in Ohio. They have already introduced the “Slice Bar” in Nebraska, New York and Massachusetts earlier this year. The “Slice Bar” would allow customer to grab a quick lunch without having to wait for, and consume, a whole pizza. The “Slice Bar” would also carry some other as of yet undetermined items.

Pizza Hut is also trying the new feature in brand new stores. One of the new stores in Ohio will feature the “Slice Bar” with pizza choices such as pepperoni to more exotic flavors like cheese margherita, buffalo chicken and meatball carbonara. Customer will also have the option of getting breadsticks, cheesesticks, and cookies available from this Slice Bar in less than two minutes. Items will be added or removed as testing goes on.

The slices will be cut off of an 18-inch New York style pizza, then baked in a 550-degree oven.

It’s an interesting test for the chain that potentially would open it to new customers who don’t think of the brand as a place for a quick meal. It also has financial appeal since the profits on a slice of pizza are better than on whole pizzas.

The Daily Meal is reporting that Pizza Hut is in the midst of attempting to rebrand itself as a more viable fast-casual concept with greater menu variety. The redesigned concept is meant to offer something more like “the experience one might expect at a Panera or Chipotle,” including salad and pasta options.

Recently, the chain even rolled out a “Skinny Slices” concept that offer customers a “diet” version of your favorite Pizza Hut options, with each pizza clocking in under 300 calories.

Seeking Alpha is reporting that YUM! Brands, the parent company of Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell, have major expansion plans for Pizza Hut. They have just opened their first Pizza Hut franchise in South Africa with a planned chain expansion in the coming years.

Expansion in Africa, along with the menu alternatives and changes being made locally, will open a new door for rapid growth that would fuel the company’s top and bottom lines in the coming years creating value for its shareholders. Expansion in the emerging markets makes YUM an attractive long-term investment. YUM is showing that they want to be on the forefront of the emerging markets.

[Image courtesy of Business Beat/Pizza Hut]