Three Pit Bulls Attack Basset Hound [Video]

Robert Jonathan - Author

Aug. 23 2017, Updated 5:00 a.m. ET

Security video reportedly caught three pit bulls mauling Elvis the basset hound in a Maine community on Friday night.

Neighbors who overheard the canine commotion intervened to rescue Elvis from the attack and one of them shot and killed one of the pit bulls. According to some other media outlets, a total of five pit bulls may have been involved in the incident that occurred in Corinna, Maine.

Elivis’ owner found the dog bleeding from the ears and neck as a result of the pit bull onslaught. She credited the neighbor with saving the hound’s life. Referring to the neighbors, she said that “if they hadn’t been here, we wouldn’t have Elvis. There’s no doubt in my mind that Elvis wouldn’t have survived that attack.”

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Elvis is now recovering from his injuries which apparently were not life threatening.

Reporting on the pit bull attack, the Portland NBC News affiliate, Channel 6 WCSH, explained that “The security camera footage shows three pit bulls taunting and aggressively bullying Elvis. Neighbors said this has been going on for years. They said they have had problems with these pit bulls getting free and being aggressive toward kids and adults. Many said they fear that these pit bulls are going to strike and physically injure someone in the Corrina community. The mother of the 2-and-half-year-old basset hound…said watching the footage is heartbreaking. ‘I just could not believe [Elvis] has come away as good as he did — being attacked by three. I love him like a child, but I’m very thankful it wasn’t my child. We have two children and it could of very easily been one of them.'”

The pit bulls’ owner denied that his dogs were out to kill Elvis.

Local law enforcement authorities have the incident under investigation. The surviving pit bulls reportedly have been quarantined in the meantime.

Do you think that pit bulls are inherently more aggressive and/or dangerous than other breeds?


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