Spoilers For ‘Sons Of Anarchy’: ‘Pretty Little Lambs’ Changes Everything, Kurt Sutter Teases

Sons of Anarchy fans are embracing the final ride that show creator Kurt Sutter is providing them as Jax Teller and the rest of SAMCRO rides to the finish line. What does Sutter have in store for viewers with the Season 7, Episode 4 show airing on FX on Tuesday, September 30? Sutter just laid out a bit of a Sons of Anarchy spoiler tease and this will have fans counting down the minutes until the show airs.

There has already been a lot of bloodshed during Season 7 of SOA, but so far nobody close to the club has died yet. Jax is decimating anybody and everybody who crosses his path, but everybody knows it’s just a matter of time before SAMCRO experiences some carnage themselves. Could it be coming in this week’s episode?

Kurt Sutter never lets terribly specific Sons of Anarchy spoilers emerge, but he does love to tease the show’s fans. He already warned everybody that as bloody as the season has been, fans haven’t seen anything yet.

Now Sutter has shared a Sons of Anarchy spoiler tease via Instagram that may well chill fans to the bone. Sutter noted that this episode, titled “Pretty Little Lambs,” changes everything. He also shared that they will “blow s**t up,” but that isn’t exactly a major spoiler. Fans would be disappointed if that weren’t a part of every episode, most would say.

Between hearing that this episode changes everything and the title, many viewers are speculating and crining that something heartbreaking may be about to happen. Is it time for Juice to die? Many suspect that’s coming soon, but previous SOA spoilers and teasers from Sutter would seemingly indicate that Ortiz has at least a couple more weeks on-screen yet. Could Unser die? Many wonder if that could be the case, but it would seem there is story left to tell on him as well.

Sutter has said that two SAMCRO members will die this season and fans are bracing themselves. Just how long will everybody have to wait? Will this be the week that something big happens in that sense? There really is no telling at this point because Sutter loves to have his fans squirming. The longer he makes people wait, the more painful it’ll be when it happens.

Jax has been playing games with August Marks, Heny Lin, the Mayans and the Niners and it’s bound to blow up in his face soon. At this point, however, Jax hardly seems to care. He’s broken with Tara gone and he has most definitely lost his way.

If the “Pretty Little Lambs” cast list at IMDb is accurate, not only is Venus Van Dam back in Tuesday’s episode, but some Aryan Brothers will be in the mix of things as well. Courtney Love finally shows up in her role as Abel’s preschool teacher too.

Just what causes everything to change after the September 30 show? How will it all end? Only Kurt Sutter knows for certain and he’s not about to tell. Tune in to the Season 7, Episode 4 show of Sons of Anarchy airing Tuesday night to see just what goes down in “Pretty Little Lambs.”

[Image via Prashant Gupta/FX]