‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Season 7, Episode 4 Brings Venus Back in ‘Poor Little Lambs’

A fan favorite character will be back in Charming on the next episode of Sons of Anarchy. Venus Van Dam, played by Walton Goggins, is in the mix of things in the Season 7, Episode 4 show to help SAMCRO as they seek vengeance for Tara’s death. What Sons of Anarchy spoilers are available for the September 30 episode?

Venus will have some valuable information to share with SAMCRO in the episode titled “Poor Little Lambs.” According to Entertainment Weekly, Venus will be in both Episode 4, airing next week, as well as Episode 10. Apparently Venus and Tig have stayed in touch and Kurt Sutter teases that this is the show’s love story for the season.

What else can fans look forward to for this episode? Sons of Anarchy spoilers indicate that a prior effort to help one ally will end up causing issues with another. Just which allies does this synopsis tease reference? It’s a bit hard to even keep track these days as Jax Teller and the club seem to be burning bridges left and right.

Teller has been setting up former connections and allies against one another, and the preview makes it appear that this will continue in the September 30 episode. SAMCRO is going after the Lin Triad since Gemma led the club to believe the Chinese killed Tara, but the club is also doing a lot of damage to any other club or group in their path. Now it looks like the Niners may be facing additional blowback from SAMCRO as well, despite Jax having made it look as if they were on the same side.

Nero is sliding down a slippery slope, a move that worries viewers. Last season Nero was determined to move toward a better life and now that he’s connected to the Mayans and pulled back into the world of Gemma and SAMCRO, it seems he’s embracing the violence and how good it feels. The preview shares him noting that it used to be about revenge and now it just feels good.

FX never releases much in the way of Sons of Anarchy spoilers in their synopsis write-ups, but the photos do give fans an inkling about what lies ahead. Courtney Love will be on-hand as Abel’s new preschool teacher, Ms. Harrison. In addition, despite Jax and the club killing just about anybody they cross, they step up and help someone instead in this next episode.

Sheriff Jarry is getting more settled in Charming and she’s quickly realizing it’s a very interesting place. Jarry and Unser are working together, to an extent, but he hasn’t yet realized that she may not be quite what she seems. As viewers saw last week, Jarry’s also connected with Chibs and the club now and there is a very interesting dynamic there. Nobody knows quite what Jarry’s agenda is yet, but it will seemingly play out for a bit this season.

During the Season 7, Episode 4 show Jax will learn that Juice is still nearby, and this is not good news for Ortiz or those hiding him. Juice is extremely broken at this point, after Chibs said there was no redeeming himself with the club. Unser, Wendy and Gemma worked on getting him out of Charming, but fans wonder if SAMCRO is about to track him down.

Many SOA viewers suspect that Unser using his own name to check Juice into a hotel may become a fatal mistake. Nobody really expects Juice to survive this season, but it is known he makes it at least another couple of episodes.

The body count has already been quite high on Season 7 of SOA, but Kurt Sutter teases that fans haven’t seen anything yet. He tweeted that if viewers are already bothered by this season’s violence after just three episodes, they’re in trouble.

Sutter even taunted that disturbed viewers perhaps should switch over to Chicago Fire and just walk away from Sons of Anarchy. Fans can’t begin to imagine how Sutter will end all of this at Episode 13, but it sounds like there may well be nothing off the table in terms of possibilities.

From the sounds of things, the Season 7, Episode 4 show of SOA will have some great moments with Venus around, but a great deal more bloodshed as well. Where will it stop? Only Kurt Sutter knows at this point and he’s not about to reveal much.

Tune in to Sons of Anarchy airing the episode titled “Poor Little Lambs” airing on FX on Tuesday, September 30 to see just who bites the dust next.

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