New GoPro Cameras Arrive In Time For Holiday Shopping

Do you know a seasoned thrill seeker? Or are you just looking for a creative, hands-free method of recording video? Either way, the newest line of cameras from GoPro might be just what you need to capture the moment. Three new models will be hitting the shelves on October 5, just in time for your early holiday shopping. Here’s the run down on each model so that you can choose the GoPro that’s right for you and your family.

Beginner filmmakers and adventurous dabblers should start with the baseline GoPro Hero model. Once it launches, it will be sold for $129.99, an accessible price for entry-level needs. This model can snag some crystal clear footage, recording in 1080p 30hz and 720p 60hz resolution, according to the company’s official specs. You can also capture regular camera stills at 5 megapixels. The Hero comes with all of the waterproof trappings, allowing you to submerge the camera at a maximum of 131 feet underwater. This makes the Hero an ideal companion during trips to the beach or while trying to capture footage of your surf or scuba adventures. The Hero also comes in handy when you’re trying to capture nighttime footage. The Auto Low Light mode adjusts your frame rates so that you get the most favorable shots in dark settings.

The Hero4 Silver marks the middle of the new release line, when it comes to costs and functionality. The price point is markedly higher than the basic Hero — Silvers will be going for $399.99 after the launch. If you’re looking to capture professional quality footage and stills of an activity, then might be your hardware of choice. The Silver shoots video in 1080p 60hz and 720p 120hz, giving you an exquisitely crisp view. The 12 megapixel still camera is a significant boost from the Hero, with 6 times the amount of frames per second during burst mode. You can pick up the Hero4 Silver in three different flavors: Standard, Music, and Surf editions. These versions come with specialty camera mounts for recording surf sessions or musical performances.

Finally, let’s take a look at the top of the line. The GoPro Hero4 Black provides film professionals with the ultimate amount of action footage control. It shoots in 4K 30hz, 2.7K 50hz, and 1080p 120hz, providing you with the absolute best video quality for a waterproof camera. Just like the GoPro Hero4 Silver, the Black also shoots 12 megapixel stills at 30 frames per second. Users also get access to brand new navigation features. A button helps you quickly view simplified menu items so that you can quickly access the feature settings you need without fumbling around. GoPro is also catering to audio professionals with this release, since this model comes with a built-in analog to digital converter, allowing you to use the Hero4 Black with a wide array of audio gear.

Are you planning out your upcoming GoPro adventures yet? Get ready to share heart-pounding moments with your YouTube fans by checking out the new line of cameras once they’re launched on October 5. The performance boosts and lower price points are likely to turn heads.