‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah Calvert Gets Hurtful Message: ‘Abort Your Next Child’

Teen Mom star Leah Calvert has been trying to do everything possible to help her daughter after being diagnosed with a rare muscular disorder. Her daughter Ali has a hard time using the muscles in her legs to keep her up and fans have seen her struggle on the show in terms of pain. She often tells Leah that she is hurting when she is playing with her sister.

On the show, Leah Calvert decided to get her daughter a wheelchair so she could get enjoyment out of playing with active children. But Leah’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, thought that Ali could work through her pain. Leah felt that he wasn’t pushing for their daughter to get a wheelchair and this issue has really changed the dynamic between these parents.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Leah Calvert has shared everything on the show in terms of her daughter’s struggles, but not everyone thinks that Leah is a good mother. Yesterday, Calvert logged onto her Twitter account to find some harsh comments about her parenting. Luckily for Leah, she didn’t take them personally.

These are harsh statements. A person named Jim blamed Leah for Ali’s condition, calling Ali a worthless handicapped child. He also told Leah that she was a poor excuse for a human being. Lastly, he wrote that he hoped she would die – which is completely uncalled for.

It is no secret that the girls from Teen Mom have their share of haters but it seems completely unnecessary to go after Ali in this case. Over the last couple of episodes, Calvert has been fighting to keep custody of her twin daughters as her ex-husband Corey is seeking primary custody. He has called Leah an unfit mother.

According to The Inquisitr, Leah Calvert has been trying to fight back by writing some longer messages on Facebook in hopes of explaining the situation. But it is clear that she isn’t getting the support she is seeking. Calvert recently revealed that she would give no reaction from the comments given by negative viewers.

It is clear that Leah Calvert may be an easy target for viewers because of her child. She has more challenges than the other young mothers and she is a teenager dealing with some very serious situations. She wants the best for her child, but Leah is also battling stress, marital issues and anxiety.

Do you think Leah Calvert should be receiving such hurtful messages? Do you think it is unfair to bring Ali into the drama?

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