‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah Calvert: ‘From Now On I Will Give No Reaction’

Teen Mom star Leah Calvert and her ex-husband, Corey Simms, always appeared to have a great co-parenting relationship. They both wanted the best for their children and they both shared custody. However, things have changed, and Corey and Leah don’t see their daughter Ali’s condition the same way. Corey seems very determined to push Ali to fight through it, while Leah is demanding a wheelchair for her.

Things have apparently gotten so bad that Corey has filed for primary custody of the twin girls. This season of Teen Mom, Leah Calvert struggled to keep herself sane with the pressures from the public, her daughter’s diagnosis and with little support from her ex-husband. It got so bad that she relied on prescription drugs to get her through.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Leah Calvert revealed over the weekend that she was done trying to fight for something that was clearly a one-sided battle. She is now planning on moving forward without giving a reaction and let some higher power guide her.

According to The Inquisitr, things have been so bad that Leah has been sending out tweets that have been passive-aggressive. But given what is happening between her and Corey both in real life and on Teen Mom, it isn’t hard to figure out that she is referring to the custody battle.

Leah has used social media networks to make her case as to why she was dragging Corey to court over child support payments. But Corey wanted to fight back even more. After learning that Leah was taking prescription drugs for her anxiety, he filed for full custody of the twin girls. This legal battle is currently playing out on MTV.

On the upcoming episode of the show, Leah Calvert shows a serious concern over losing her children. She is very devastated over his actions. Corey claims that Leah hasn’t been taking Ali to her therapy classes, which are a requirement. And he appeared to have documented evidence to prove it. Leah, on the other hand, claims that he isn’t doing enough to push his insurance to get Ali’s wheelchair approved.

What is even more devastating is that Corey could use scenes from Teen Mom to prove that Leah is an unfit mother. Since her drug-use was documented by MTV, it will be hard for her to prove that the pills didn’t influence her. Calvert was slurring her words, talking about things that didn’t make sense, and appeared to fall asleep during a phone call with a family member.

Do you think Leah Calvert is an unfit mother? What do you think of her comment that she will just let a higher power figure things out for her?

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