WWE News: The Wyatt Family Likely To Split Up Very Soon

In what can only be seen as a strange concept, it is being said that WWE will be splitting up the Wyatt Family soon. Rumors of a split have been going on for a couple weeks, but nothing was too heavy until this past Monday on WWE RAW when Bray Wyatt “released” Luke Harper. The idea is that all members of the family will go on to singles work. The issue that many see is that Erik Rowan is kind of on the outs in all of this.

Rowan’s real claim to anything was being part of the family, but due to his lack of mic skill, as well as lack of ring skill, Harper was really the one keeping the two working in the ring when it came to tag work. Bray was the real face and leader of the group, so both men were in his shadow. This helped both men, but more so Rowan, who has nothing of note to bring to the table outside of the Wyatt faction.

Harper has a lot of wrestling experience, coming out of the Independents where he was known as Brodie Lee. He and Rowan were a perfect fit for what the Wyatt Family needed to be. Now that there is a split, Rowan cannot last as a singles performer. Meanwhile, many think Harper will excel.

Harper was easily able to work alone, due to his impressive ring skill. While he is not fantastic on the mic, he is good enough to work with various people. It is uncertain if the WWE will have Harper use the same gimmick he does now, however.

It is said that the members of the Wyatt Family will be getting a big push out of the split. It is expected that Bray will be inserted into the main event scene eventually. It was reported a couple months back that WWE wanted to push Bray heavily, and he would potentially be the first to hold a World Title among the popular young guys that WWE is pushing right now. Those plans could have changed by now, but it is confirmed that Wyatt will be seeing a lot more of the main event scene.

There were rumors stating that he could get involved into the United States or Intercontinental Title hunt; however, this may be a place WWE puts Luke Harper now that a split has happened.

Bray Wyatt Roman

There is no word on why WWE decided to split the group, seeing as they were over massively with WWE fans.

It was also reported that WWE may be pushing Bray Wyatt into a babyface role. Most fans were against this as Wyatt is over well as a heel and could be WWE’s top heel if he was pushed to be such. He is well-liked by the WWE fans, and usually that means a babyface role will eventually come.

People such as Edge and Randy Orton were over as heels, and WWE turned them face out of not only need, but the fact that they felt they could be marketed better as faces. This worked and failed. Both men are better as heels, so while Edge ended his career as a face, most feel that he would have turned heel before the end of his career if he was not forcibly retired. Meanwhile, Orton did turn heel once again, just last year.

It could be a case of need with Wyatt as Brock Lesnar could need to face Wyatt at one point leading up to his match at WrestleMania 31. Currently, WWE is kind of restricted with people to use in the main event scene with Lesnar. Due to this, Wyatt as a face could be a good two months of programming that Lesnar could be part of. WWE has not scheduled a World Title match for Hell in a Cell yet. However, we can expect there to be one at Survivor Series next month.

If WWE turns Wyatt face this month, we easily could see them go with Wyatt as Lesnar’s opponent. If not in November, December or January would work well. While we can expect Wyatt to lose, Lesnar needs opponents. So he would be perfect for a main event role to help get Lesnar to Mania.

Regardless of what WWE plans to do with Bray, we know that the Wyatt Family is done. This is sad as they only had a year-long run as a faction. They were also the only true faction WWE had. Splitting them seemed strange when you could still pair them and also have them work singles; they’d just do so as a group. You cannot do this, however, if Bray were to turn face. So, this split seems to be one real indication Wyatt will be a good guy soon.

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